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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Re-RUN This Video! CONSTIPATION!

    I have asked my Web Department to RERUN this classic Dr. Schulze video that was taped in my California Pharmacy YEARS AGO, when I was introduced to a wonderful woman who was very constipated all of her life.

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  • Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Information & Treatment

    Dear Dr. Schulze, HHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPP! I’ve got poison ivy all over my body. OK, I probably should not have been lying naked in the yard last week but it was soooo hot and amazing, I could not resist. PLEASE HELP ME. I’ve got it almost everywhere. Please help me stop my itching, burning, scratching and crying!

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  • Immediate Response On Last Week's BLOG! And Don't Miss The Closing Letters!

    Friends, last week I responded to Lisa M's question about my SuperFood Plus, and some things she read about it on a website. I mainly responded to her about her faith, and how important it is for all of us to listen to our inner voice, and follow this voice. Then, almost immediately, I received a response email from Jonathan Bechtel, the man who actually published the incorrect facts and immature comments regarding my SuperFood Plus on his website. His letter was so sincere, I decided to print it this week, and I commend him for writing it. Since I don't respond to people directly, I will add some responses to him right in his letter.

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  • Is SuperFood Plus Natural? Herbal Nutrition 101

    Dear Dr. Schulze, Thank you for what you do!!!! I love your products and believe in them!! I was just looking around in my computer and happened to find a "Jonathan Bechtel" stating that the vitamins and minerals in your SuperFood Plus were "synthetically added, they don't come from the food themselves." So I was just wondering if you could tell me exactly how SuperFood Plus is made, as well as Formula One?

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