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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Kidney Stones Gone! Plus Avoiding Genetic Diseases

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have a serious question for you. I know that you say that there are no incurable diseases, but I have a toughy for you that I’m hoping you have some experience with. My daughter-in-law has Huntington’s disease, which as you might know is a terrible and often fatal genetic disease. I know that you cannot advise me as to treating it, but have you had any success stories for someone with Huntington’s? I would so like to be able to help this sweet girl, as I think she lives in fear that symptoms will appear at any moment. She is 31. Thank you for any encouragement that you can give me, and thank you for the help already received.

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  • Kidney Stones, Horrible Pain and My Natural Solution

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I just had my second bout with passing a kidney stone and this time around was MUCH more painful than the first. I am looking into using your kidney products as they (as well as all of your products) were recommended to me by a friend. So my question is, will my one stone and/or other stones and calcium deposits begin to be passed once I start your regimen, causing the excruciating pain? Thank you!

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  • Bladder Tumor, Gone!

    Dear Dr. Schulze, My daughter is 9, and she is constipated! 4 days ago she said that her stomach hurt. She laid on the couch all afternoon with no appetite. She said she had pooped "hard balls" the day before. We gave her some #3 right away. The next morning we gave her half of #1. Then whole #1, today 2 #1's. Her abdominal pain is pretty much gone, she is tired, no appetite. Today has a fever. I am WAITING for this monster poop. I have been forcing one Superfood drink every day, plus fruit smoothies and water, water, water. ADVICE??

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  • His Dream, Our Nightmare!

    Bigger is NOT Necessarily Better! The growing trend over the last few decades seems to be the almost endless selling by owners of their small companies to huge international corporations. I wouldn't mind this trend, if I thought it was in the customers’ best interest, and furthermore, if what I experienced was that the products got better. Instead, what I almost always see is that the products get worse. This trend is usually NOT in the consumers’ best interest at all.

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