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Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • An Inner Beauty Staple: 5-Day Detoxes from Dr. Schulze!

    Sara Colombo’s Beauty Must-Haves
    In a recent issue of Ocean Drive, the quintessential fashion and lifestyle magazine in South Florida, former fashion model, Sara Colombo of the Lincoln Road home furnishings boutique Nest, described her personal beauty must-haves, including her favorite cleanse:

    You can read the article, High-Low Beauty Staples, right here:

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  • Healing Physical Trauma: Miracle in a Bottle, Indeed!

    Dear Scott, I love your letter, your healing testimony and your healing miracle, I know exactly what you went through, how you felt, your pain, your fear and what it feels like when someone tells you that you may never walk again. I also know what it feels like to create your own personal healing miracle, and how downright empowering that is for not only you but also your family.

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  • I Had A Friend

    I had a friend who just died. So I wanted to share a few truths with you, about life, dis-ease, healing, and death. For those of you that only have two minutes, I Put The Most Important Points In Bold.

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  • Weight Gain Mystery… SOLVED!

    Dear Dr. Schulze, over the past month, I have literally gained 10 pounds! Now, I know that some of it may be muscle mass, but I also know the difference between fat and muscle - and this is FAT on my abdomen, thighs and butt! Could this be caused by a hormone imbalance and if so, can your FEM tonics balance them out? I am ready to SCREAM!!! I have considered doing a juice flush, but I don't know if that's the answer. I have tried increasing my metabolism by eating 5-6 times a day and that's when this all started. I would appreciate any help you can give!

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  • I Just Filmed This—My Summer Breakfast!

    Here’s a quick video I just filmed right now. I not only get tons of questions from all of you on what I eat for my summertime breakfast, but also lots of questions on my nutritional breakfast drink recipe that I put into the intro of my July and August newsletters. So in this video, I grabbed my handheld video camera and l show you EXACTLY how to make my NEW Breakfast Drink—right in my own kitchen. This summer, skip the heavy breakfast, drop the calories and sugar and pump up the nutrition and fiber. And, for those of you with either Type I or Type 2 Diabetes—WATCH THIS!

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