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  • The WINNER! FINALLY #1 Video Award

    OK, that’s right, you picked this as Number One. That just goes to show you that you are as weird as me, my friends. I thought there is no better place for me to talk about the American nightmare of constipation than right from the throne, so I asked my brother Larry to grab my hand-held video camera. I went off to my bathroom, and told him to come a knockin’, and he did. Seriously, this is a very amazing and very shocking quick video report about some shocking statistics about how bad constipation has become in America, and more important, how easy it is to do something about it, and that is when I take you right into my kitchen for the solution.

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  • #2 Video Award

    Well… maybe not exactly ‘live and in-person’ but Jay does his usual skit about funny things in the news, and takes the time to talk about his favorite ad, one of my ads for my 5-Day BOWEL Detox program, which really got Jay going. You will laugh all the way to the bathroom!

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  • #3 Video Award

    In this video I not only tell you one of my CLINICAL SECRETS of how to get a BEAUTIFUL BRONZE TAN, WITHOUT THE SUN, but I also give you some other great NATURAL SUMMER TIPS. I will also talk about some typical summer fears about the sun, give you a great tip on how to have beautiful looking hair and even give you a few tips to improve your sex life. So watch it and then GET OUTSIDE!

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  • #4 Video Award

    FEAR is a killer my friends, and it killed in my clinic. So I made this video, using the water and stingrays as a simple analogy, to remind everyone that healing disease is pretty darn easy, if we can just get our fears out of the way.

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  • Dr. Schulze's “People's Choice Video Award” Countdown

    It's summer, my friends, so let's have some FUN! Remember, FUN is FUNdamental in EVERYTHING that you do in life! An old cowboy friend of mine from Deadwood, South Dakota, Jerry Croft told me once, “Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.” I think that's great advice. (Hollywood Note: Jerry made most of Tom Selleck's great looking leather gear for the award winning western, Quigley Down Under.) Anyway, I think you all know that I LOVE what I DO. I have dedicated my life to educating everyone on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine and that is what this BLOG site is all about.

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  • #5 Video Award

    In this short 10-minute video, I take to the streets of London, to talk to the people, and find this elusive swine flu. Consider this summer lesson #5, as cold and influenza season is only a few months away, and you never know when our medical groups, governments and pharmaceutical companies will be peddling their bullshit again, so I want you to be emotionally prepared and EDUCATED!

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