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Monthly Archives: April 2011

  • Don't Worry, Be Regular!

    Dear Dr. Schulze, How safe is Senna to take on a daily basis? I have an issue with sluggish bowels. If I don't take #1, I don't eliminate. I may go for days without a bowel movement. But Senna is a laxative, albeit a natural one. I am afraid I am creating a dependency. Not to mention, I am not always able to take it at dinnertime with food due to my work schedule. If I don't take it at the right time at night, it hits me in the morning at an inconvenient time. Will your herbal mucilage work better for me?

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  • What Does Dr. Schulze Eat For Breakfast?

    In this very short video clip, I was asked about how I make my morning drink. So I talk briefly about juicers, blenders, seasonal raw fruits and vegetables and how I make my personal morning blender nutritional drinks.

    Video Length: 7:09

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  • Avoiding Your Genetic Cancer Risk

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I recently had a 5cm thyroid nodule removed that turned out to be cancerous. I am also BRCA1 positive. Doctors want to take the other half of my thyroid out, give me radioactive iodine, perform a hysterectomy, and remove my breasts. I do not plan on doing any of these. I have ordered a juicer and am starting to follow your Incurables Program. I have 2 questions: 1) Can the Incurables Program help with the genetic mutation cancer risk of BRCA1? 2) Do any of your products address the balancing of my thyroid hormones?

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  • The Danger of CT Scans

    I have always said that if I am ever unfortunate enough to be run over by a train, and my torso is on one side of the tracks and my legs are on the other, that I would like to have a CT scan, an MRI and a top team of surgeons put me all back together ASAP. But, barring some major catastrophe, and trauma medicine, I have always said that most people are better off avoiding most medical care all together, especially when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Back to CT scans… The cat is now out of the bag, pun intended. According to the most recent evidence, many CT Scans are NOT necessary, and that is according to Dr. Rita F. Redburg, editor of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

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