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Monthly Archives: November 2008

  • Holiday Hangovers

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I am not a big drinker of alcohol, actually I rarely drink at all and maybe this is why when I do, I feel terrible the following morning. I have a splitting headache, I feel very sick to my stomach and just generally horrible. As I said, I rarely drink alcohol, but occasionally this time of the year I have a few glasses of champagne or some red wine. Can you offer me any relief?

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  • 2008-09 COLD & FLU SPECIAL REPORT (Part 1)

    This video shows me addressing some of my staff at the American Botanical Pharmacy, especially employees from the pharmacy store and the call center, people that you talk to when you place an order. I wanted to talk to them to give them some information about this year’s cold and influenza season, but also about my new Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT." I also shot this video for some of the employees who could not attend this lecture, so they could view it at a later date, but when I saw it, I knew immediately that all of you could benefit greatly from watching it too.

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  • 2008-09 COLD & FLU SPECIAL REPORT (Part 2)

    Medical versus Natural PREVENTION and TREATMENT: In this second video, I tell you about modern medicine’s great folly—the flu vaccine. I tell you what it is made from, the dangers, and even what the experts say about it. Then I tell you what I have been doing for over 30 years now to PREVENT and TREAT colds and influenza, NATURALLY!

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  • 2008-09 COLD & FLU SPECIAL REPORT (Part 3)

    My all-new, organic Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”! In this third video, I tell you what is in my new, organic Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”, how it works, and even how you can make my classic Cold and Flu PREVENTION and TREATMENT “Blaster” drinks using my new Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”.

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  • Marriage Problems

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have one problem: my husband. No matter what, we cannot get along. He is not healthy at all, and not interested in health as I am. He ridicules me all of the time about the way I eat and my healthy lifestyle and SuperFood drinks. I have taken the vows of marriage, for better or for worse, so do you have any suggestions to help me heal the last problem I have?

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