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Monthly Archives: August 2008

  • Super Dogs with SuperFood Plus

    Dear Dr. Schulze, is your Super Food Plus good for my dogs (female Golden Retriever & male Rottweiler)? I don't know if the breed or sex even matters, but I thought I’d throw that in. My primary concern is the yeast.

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  • Having a Healthy Pregnancy

    Dear Dr. Schulze, my daughter in law is pregnant with her second child. She nearly died having the first one and I’m concerned about this pregnancy. She had preeclampsia and they had to take the baby 9 weeks early via pitosen. What would you recommend to help her live through this pregnancy?

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  • Relax

    Video Length: 2:21

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  • No Fear

    Letting Go of Fear Heals Disease & Creates Powerful Health!

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  • Juicer, Blenders and Getting Healthy?

    Dear Dr. Schulze, which juicer do you recommend and which is your favorite juicer?

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  • Natural Healing, the Bottom Line

    Dear Dr. Schulze, can you please just give me the bottom line on what natural healing is so I can explain it simply to my sickly and degenerate friends? Just kidding! Thanks for all of your great work and herbal products.

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  • Overweight and Diseased

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I need your help! I am 63 years old, grossly overweight and very unhealthy. I have very high blood pressure, high blood lipids (cholesterol 800 and triglycerides way off the charts), high blood sugar and many other problems. I have already had one heart attack. My problem is that I don’t like the taste of anything healthy and I love the taste of meat. I smoke, drink and never exercise. Is there any help for me and do you have any suggestions?

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  • Selfish

    Dear Dr. Schulze, you often say that a person should be more selfish. This sounds bad and not very nice or healthy. Could you please explain to me what you mean?

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  • All About My Herbal Formula Dosages

    I made this video clip to empower all of you when it comes to taking my herbal formulas. The whole point is to help you understand what I repeat many times during this video clip: that if you are not feeling better after taking my standard suggested dosages, then you need to "take more, and take it more often." In this video clip I explain what my standard suggested dosages are for each herbal formula. I also explain what I mean when I say a "dropperful", what it actually is, how many drops are in one "dropperful" and how many "dropperfuls" are in each bottle, for both the 1 ounce and 2 ounce bottles.

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  • Crohn's Disease, IBS and Intestinal Formula #2

    Dear Dr. Schulze, my husband has been suffering from Crohn's Disease almost all of his adult life but the last few years have been terrible for him. He can't work and can barely leave the house. His medical doctor says there is no cure, but I have heard you say there is. Please explain.

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