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  • Road Warrior Series: Top 10 Travel Complaints
    Complaint #2: Diarrhea

    In this second video, Dr. Schulze gives his simple tips to avoid traveler’s diarrhea, and what to do if you get it.

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  • Road Warrior Series: Top 10 Travel Complaints
    Complaint #1: Constipation

    Learn how to become a Dr. Schulze ROAD WARRIOR! In this series, Dr. Schulze lists his customers' TOP 10 complaints when traveling and then he shows you EXACTLY what to do to avoid these problems. Whether it’s summer vacation or traveling for the holidays, when you travel, we want you to be safe, comfortable, have fun and FEEL GREAT! Here’s how…

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  • Making Any Restaurant Food a SuperMeal!

    This week, Dr. Schulze gets in the kitchen and shows you how he turns nutritionally weak soup into a SuperMeal Stew that will BLAST your body with all the necessary nutrition it needs.

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  • Female Dosages Even More Simplified!

    This week, Dr. Schulze makes a great wrap-up to last week’s video about the difference between the Female Tonic and the Fem+ Tonic, and makes figuring out your personal dosage really simple and easy.

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  • Female Tonic vs FEM+

    Ladies, this week, Dr. Schulze explains the difference between his Female Tonic and his FEM+ Tonic; when to use them and how to use them.

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  • Fresh Breath for Digestive Emergencies!

    In this week’s 2-minute video, Dr. Schulze tells you how he carries his Fresh Breath around, how he uses it after meals, and how you can use it to heal any Digestive Emergency!

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    In this week’s video, Dr. Schulze explains how he got run over on the "Information Highway". Nowadays, so many people feel life is going by way too fast. Listen to Dr. Schulze as he exposes a few of the reasons people are feeling this way.

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  • Summertime CUTS & SCRAPES

    It's summer, so get outside!

    Along with summertime play come CUTS and SCRAPES, and this video shows you how to treat them at home.

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  • 500,000 Kids Injured EVERY YEAR!

    Friends, embarrassingly even more medical doctors contacted me telling me I was wrong about your tonsils. So I dug out my immune books, just to close this subject once and for all, and it was even worse than I had stated!

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    In this week's video, Dr. Schulze responds to numerous people (even a few medical doctors) that questioned his BLOG video from two weeks ago about Diarrhea.

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