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Air Detox

A stimulating aroma to purify the air!
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5-Day KIDNEY Detox

Detox your kidneys and cleanse naturally for vibrant health!
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5-Day LIVER Detox

Defend yourself from everyday toxins - flush and protect your liver!
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Detox Formula

Our most potent formula for deep cleansing!
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5-Day BOWEL Detox

Cleanse your bowel and watch miracles happen!
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30 Day Detox Program

You're only 30 days from a whole new life!
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24 Hour Bowel Detox

A one-day bowel detox to always have on hand!
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Detox Tea

A great tasting, traditional recipe with powerful health benefits!
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  • All About Detoxification

    This week, Dr. Schulze tells you all you need to know about detoxification and WHY it is so important.
  • Making the Detox Tea for the 5-Day LIVER Detox

    Dear Veon, YES, you are correct, the directions on the actual Detox Tea package are for two 8-ounce cups of the Detox Tea, which is one serving. If you are doing my 5 Day Liver Detox Program, then ...
  • An Inner Beauty Staple: 5-Day Detoxes from Dr. Schulze!

    Sara Colombo’s Beauty Must-Haves In a recent issue of Ocean Drive, the quintessential fashion and lifestyle magazine in South Florida, former fashion model, Sara Colombo of the Lincoln Road home fu...
  • Detoxification: Volume Two

    Inside this book, Dr. Schulze explains in detail his 24-Hour BOWEL Detox, 5-Day BOWEL Detox, 5-Day LIVER Detox and 5-Day KIDNEY Detox. And, most importantly, how to DO each of these POWERFUL programs!
  • Detoxification Part 1

    Start with Bowel! This week, Dr. Schulze begins discussing his fourth step to Create Powerful Health Naturally: DETOXIFICATION! Dr. Schulze has three basic detoxes for your elimination organs—his ...
  • Create Powerful Health: 5-Day BOWEL Detox

    Inside, you will clearly see that the real cause behind the majority of sickness and disease in America is the retention and storage of toxic, poisonous waste in our colon and the infrequency of it emptying. I will show you how cleansing your colon will make the biggest healing difference in your life and create powerful lasting health and vitality.
  • Create Powerful Health: 5-Day LIVER Detox

    Inside this book, I show you how cleansing and detoxifying your liver and gallbladder will make the biggest healing difference in your life and create powerful, lasting health and vitality.
  • Minimum Entry Requirement #5: DETOXIFICATION

    Dr. Schulze just filmed this “Brand New” 7-Video Series, where he explains his most important Clinical Programs, Natural Healing Routines and Herbal Medicine. These programs and formulas were used ...
  • 2016 Healthy Change #4: DETOXIFICATION!

    This week, Dr. Schulze brings you the fourth video in his 5-video series to help you make 2016 the HEALTHIEST year of your LIFE! To quickly review, Dr. Schulze’s first healthy change was to STOP e...
  • Detox Dilemma

    Dear Judith, Your question is perfect and very timely, as I currently have thousands of my customers beginning one of my Detox Programs, along with many of my other programs, as part of their New Y...

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