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Powerful Nutrition

A Revolutionary Approach to Ingredients

The "Dr. Schulze’s" brand means QUALITY FIRST. Look for quality assurance icons like the ones listed below in our product
descriptions, so you know exactly what is in each product—and what is not!

New to SuperFood?

SuperFood Plus and SuperFood 100 were designed by Dr. Schulze to give you the most complete, natural, and powerful daily nutrition available anywhere. Whether you need an energy boost, want to get healthy, or look and feel younger, these SuperFoods are the key.

  • Dr. Schulze created this product to save his own life and gave it to every patient that entered his clinic. There is simply no better way to experience powerful nutrition blasting through your body. Conveniently available as
    Tablets and Powder

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    SuperFood Plus
  • SuperFood 100

    SuperFood 100 was designed to get you the NUTRITION you need and the ENERGY you want, using only herbs and foods. Clean and vegan, it will supply 100% of your major vitamins, plus over 500% of your Vitamin B12 for energy, in just three tablets per day.

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The World’s Most Powerful SuperFoods

It’s not how much you take. It’s about getting extremely pure and high-quality nutrition into your blood, where you need it. Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood formulations are designed to deliver powerful nutrition that assimilates into your body quickly.

  • Blue Green Algae

    Vitamin Blue! We use the only one in the world certified Organic.

  • Wheat Grass

    A powerful detoxifier used in almost every alternative clinic I have visited.

  • Purple Dulse Seaweed

    Rich sources of digestible, assimilable, and usable minerals.

  • Acerola Cherries

    The concentrated natural source of Vitamin C.

  • Rose Hips

    Powerful source of Vitamin-C, bioflavonoids, and rutin.

  • Chlorella (Broken-Cell) Algae

    38 times more protein than soybeans!

  • Beetroot

    Helps to regenerate and reactivate red blood cells.

  • Lemon & Orange Peels

    Real, natural, Vitamin-C Complex. Not chemicals.

  • Spirulina

    70%-80% protein and one of the richest sources of betacarotene.

  • Saccharomyces Cerevisiae NonFermentable Nutritional Yeast

    For a powerful energy and circulation blast.

  • Alfalfa

    Contains almost every vitamin and mineral known! An amazing food for building muscle.

  • Spinach Leaf

    With Beetroot, spinach floods your blood with concentrated nutrition.

  • Palm Fruit

    Non-toxic, this is one of the richest sources of Vitamin E.

  • Barley Grass

    A tremendous amount of mineral nutrients that your body can easily assimilate.


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