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To understand my herbal formulas, you must first understand me. After all, it is my life, my personal healing experiences, my wonderful patients and my clinical experience that created my values, the values that are now the core principles of this company. It is important that you know what is important to me, so you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Real People. Real Results.

  • Intestinal Formula #1

    Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 is this girl’s secret weapon! Before, I was walking around bloated and feeling toxic and constantly lethargic. Now I feel clean and clear!

    -A. A., Los Angeles, CA
  • SuperFood Plus

    I cannot go without SuperFood. It is my life source!

    -Joe F., Ocala, FL
  • Cayenne

    My sinus congestion was instantly cured with your Cayenne! Thanks, Dr. Schulze!

    -Ken G.
  • SuperFood Plus

    My 97-year-old mother takes SuperFood religiously, and it is why she's alive today. She has a lot of energy and is getting great nutrition!

    -Carolyn R., Cheyenne, WA
  • Prostate

    In less than 24 hours of use, I slept for 7 hours without urgently having to urinate. Normally I go 2-3 times a night. Thank you.

    -Ralph R. in NY
  • Cold & Flu Herbal SHOT

    I never get sick anymore because I take a SHOT every time I feel a flu-like symptom coming on.

    -E.S., Fairfield, CA
  • Intestinal Formula #2

    I love this product! It saved my life! I tried other products and nothing else worked they way #2 does. I believe in always keeping the colon clear so I don’t get sick.

    -C.S., Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • Various

    4 years ago I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I took your liver/gallbladder L-GB formula, your Echinacea Plus, your SuperFoods, and to top all of that off I did your liver cleanse, these things saved my life.

    -S.S., Santa Fe, NM

    I am 49 years old. I have been sick for over 10 years and tried your 5-Day BOWEL Detox and felt great. Felt like I was 20 again. I need to continue to do these detoxes every quarter. Loved, loved, loved your product.

    - Chris B. in Clayton, DE

    I have always had trouble getting started in the morning, but since I started taking Dr. Schulze Protect Formula, two tablets along with my 5 SuperFood tablets or powder and I feel sharp and ready to face the day.

    - Todd M., Al Hambra, CA

    I started using your products in October. I stopped eating meat, detoxed and lost 20 pounds. I feel great! Thank you, Dr. Schulze!

    - Fritz M., Long Beach, CA

    Your Intestinal Formula #1 works great! It works wonderfully and I think it is the most effective formula on earth! Thank you.

    - T.G., San Pedro, CA

    I have used HerbalMucil Plus for almost one month. Immediately, I felt relief in my bowel system from constipation and bloating and a general feeling of wellness. Another great product!

    - Laura B., Agoura Hills, CA

    Your Echinacea Plus keeps me from missing days from work and away from my family. That’s a good thing in my life. Your products are the best!!

    - Renolado M.

    Your Bowel SHOT is very helpful to have for those times we “overdo it” with bad food. It gets the bad stuff out.

    - Delores M., Los Angeles, CA

    As a safari guide, I take several 24-hour Bowel Detox packets with me. When a client gets sick with diarrhea, I give them the 24-hour packet to clean out and get back to safari.

    - Christopher L.

    The Digestive SHOTS really work. Very helpful after a bad meal. I’ve tried it several times and it’s GREAT!

    - Alex W., Los Angeles, CA

    Your Echinacea Plus has always stopped my cold and flu symptoms whenever I start getting sick. It has been a great help to me and my family. Many thanks!

    - Hector R.

    Dude, that Male Shot is some powerful stuff. I have been on it for three days. After the second day, my wife asked me what I was on? She is even more pleased and pleasured.

    - Damien B., Largo, MD

    I have been drinking the Detox Tea to cleanse my liver and have never felt better. I have lots of energy, my skin is clear and I have lost 6 pounds. I would recommend your products very highly.

    - E.W., Playa Vista, CA

    Thank you for providing me with a true miracle! I have suffered with severe constipation for most of my life and had found nothing, which offered me both total relief and ultimate healing power.

    - Jackie C.

    I feel great, sleep better, and lost about 17 pounds. The 5-Day BOWEL Detox really works!

    - Norman C., Los Angeles, CA

    The results are fabulous. No cramps. My family gets saved, especially my husband. And most importantly I feel good! Once I take the Female Balance, all I know is that this wave of calmness passes over my body.

    - Madeline L.

    I was very tired and thanks to your special Super Ginseng Blend, I have energy like when I was 21. God bless Dr. Schulze!

    - R.R.

    I have had problems sleeping for many years and have tried various prescription medications, but this one has no side effects and I can now sleep through the entire night. Thanks, Dr. Schulze!

    - Keith W.

    I had bleeding gums, but now I’m juicing and using your Tooth & Gum, my dentist is amazed! My gums are now very strong. Thanks.

    - F.T., San Jose, CA

    I started using your Eyebright three months ago. Now I only need to wear my glasses when I write a check!

    - E.G., Gardena, CA

    I use the Deep Tissue on any bruises I get, and any my 2-year-old gets. Little kids like to fall a lot and I have watched a bruise disappear in 24 hours. It goes from dark purple to yellow to gone in less than a day!

    - L.G., Santa Monica, CA

    I use your Jojoba & Tea Tree after I shave. It’s the only product that does not irritate my very sensitive skin. I love it!

    - M.F., Marina del Rey, CA

    I would get the flu or a bad cold every December and lose work, sometimes for a whole week. Then I tried your SuperTonic and haven’t had a cold or flu since! Now all my friends and kids use it and love it.

    - P.S., Davison, MI

    I love your Air Detox! I take it with me whenever I travel. I start by spraying the intake air screens in the hotel and it immediately sends a fresh smell throughout the room. It’s great!

    - Tricia H.
  • Super-C

    I have been using the Super-C powder for nine months now and notice my skin is a lot smoother!

    L.L., Mt. Vernon, NY
  • Air Detox

    Air Detox spray has helped my living space stay fresh!

    M.V., Long Beach, CA
  • SuperFood Plus

    I had hair loss due to chemo. After my chemo treatment was done I was still losing hair, but I started using SuperFood Plus and my hair started to grow back!

    Debbie R., Kutztown, PA
  • Daily Oral Therapy, Tooth & Gum Formula

    I completely cured a tooth abscess using Daily Oral Therapy and Tooth & Gum Formula.

    -M.G., Marina del Rey, CA

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