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Intestinal Formula #3

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Intestinal Formula #3

Promotes soft and easy bowel movements for the whole family!

  • A MILDER liquid version of Intestinal Formula #1 for kids of all ages
  • PROMOTES regular and healthy bowel movements
  • STRENGTHENS colon muscles
  • GREAT TASTING to kids

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4 ounces / 120 ml. bottle


Botanical Ingredients:

Senna Leaf and Pod, Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark, Anise Seed, Clove Bud, Tangerine Oil, California Fig Concentrate

How It Works

Intestinal Formula #3

Since the beginning of recorded medical history, figs and prunes have been used effectively as a natural treatment for constipation. The base of this tonic, California Fig Concentrate, acts not only as a mild natural laxative, but also makes the formula sweet and delicious for the kids. Anise Seed and Clove Bud are strong carminatives and antispasmodics, and therefore are used to relieve gas, cramps, colic, indigestion, nausea and stomach aches. Tangerine Oil is antibacterial and is also used to make the formula taste great.

Why You Need It

This formula is a great tasting, liquid stool loosener for the whole family. Although Dr. Schulze originally designed this herbal colon cleanser primarily for children, it’s strong enough for adults, too. In fact, many adults prefer it instead of Intestinal Formula #1, because it has a milder action. As stated under Intestinal Formula #1, Senna Leaf and Pod and Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark both contain the phytochemical anthraquinone, called Emodin, which increases the normal muscular contractions (peristalsis) of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the colon. This formula promotes soft, easy bowel movements, and it will help strengthen the colon for better future elimination.


It works so well, my daughter asks for it!

As a mother of three kids, my first two kids didn’t have any problem pooping. However, my last child did, and what a relief (literally) to have Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #3. It definitely works and is mild enough not to cause her any diarrhea or stomach discomfort and tasty enough for her to want to take it. Now, every time she feels like she can’t poop, she doesn’t hesitate to ask me for it. Thank you, Dr. Schulze for making my life so much easier!

M.L. in Santa Monica, CA

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