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Eyebright Formula

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Eyebright Formula

For cleaner, clearer and brighter eyes!

  • SUPPORTS healthy blood circulation to the eyes
  • REDUCES eye irritation
  • REMOVES harmful contaminants that can damage your eyes

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1 ounce / 30 ml. bottle


Botanical Ingredients:

Eyebright Herb and Flower, Goldenseal Root, Mullein Flower, Fennel Seed, Red Raspberry Leaf, Cayenne Pepper

How It Works

Goldenseal Root is a mild-acting, but highly effective, cleansing herb. It contains the alkaloids hydrastine, berberine and canadine, as well as volatile oils and resins. The first two are listed medically as cleansers.

Eyebright Herb and Flower and Fennel both have a long history of soothing the eyes. Mullein is very soothing to the delicate mucous membranes. Red Raspberry is a mild astringent.

All of these herbs working together guarantee you cleaner, clearer and brighter eyes.

Eyebright Formula

Why You Need It

Eyebright Formula is based on classic eyewash herbs that have been used for literally centuries for this purpose. It is extremely useful for cleansing around sensitive areas like the eyes, inside the sinus cavity and sensitive mucous membrane areas.

My Eyebright Formula is one that many people forget about, nevertheless, it is a very effective and very powerful formula for washing, cleansing, and disinfecting the eyes.

Dr. Schulze


I am a model/actress and just got done shooting an infomercial this week. A few days before the shoot, I had been dealing with some sort of sinus infection. I was taking your tonics, SuperFood, etc. and also started using the Eyebright in the morning to clear any “eye boogies”. Well, the day of my shoot the director asked if I wore contacts and I said no. He commented on how clear and bright blue my eyes were. He said they just shined on camera. I’ve been a believer of all your products for 10 years now. Thank you for all that you do!

Mary W. in NJ

I really love the products and my son is using the Eye Bright. His doctor was amazed at his progress and he no longer has to wear a daily eye patch anymore…so thank you…

J.H., Los Angeles, CA

I was diagnosed with chronic dry eyes. I have tried everything that my doctor prescribed me. I have been using the steroid drops, which is good but if I stop using it my condition gets worse. Then my friend introduced me to Dr. Schulze's Eyebright. I went online and ordered it last Sunday. I was so thrilled with the result, I feel so much better. I am going to stop using the steroid drops.

L.L., Elmwood Park, IL

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