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Digestive Tonic

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Digestive Tonic

Soothe and calm any digestive disturbance!

  • STOPS indigestion, gas and stomach upsets IMMEDIATELY
  • ELIMINATES the discomfort that sometimes comes with traveling and motion
  • FRESHENS breath
  • GREAT for kids with sensitive digestion

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1 ounce / 30 ml. bottle


Botanical Ingredients:

Hawaiian Yellow Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, Peppermint Leaf and Oil

How It Works

Ginger Root, Sweet Fennel Seed and Peppermint Leaf all contain essential oils that, according to medical texts and even The Merck Index, are therapeutically carminative. This means they stimulate the digestive system, as well as relax the stomach, thereby supporting digestion and helping to relieve gas in the digestive tract. Ginger powerfully minimizes an upset stomach and reduces queasy feelings, while Peppermint is an effective gastric sedative and relaxant.

Why You Need It

This is a great formula for when you wake up in the middle of the night with acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn. Take a few droppersful of this formula in a little water, and in five minutes your indigestion will be gone. Then, it’s back to dreamland.

When you are out and you eat that meal that feels like a rock in your stomach, this formula will be a godsend. You can even add a few droppersful to a cup of hot water and make a tasty digestive tea. Also, when traveling, this is the greatest formula for queasiness associated with motion.

Dr. Schulze knows, because he travels all over the world on all types of transportation. He always brings along his Digestive Tonic and rides it out with a smile.


I have had gastritis and a painful burning stomach all of my adult life. In fact, I was in pain after every single meal, sometimes even after just drinking a glass of water. Now, thanks to your Digestive Tonic, all that is gone. I can’t thank you enough for the new quality of life I have. Thanks for your SuperFood, too.


The Digestive Tonic is amazing. I was getting a lot of acid in my stomach and every time I took it my stomach immediately quieted down, along with the gas that was coming up. Thank you.

Matt S.

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