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What makes my herbal formulas different?

To understand my herbal formulas, you must first understand me.

After all, it is my life, my personal healing experiences, my wonderful patients and my clinical experience that created my values, the values that are now the core principles of this company. It is important that you know what is important to me, so you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Because I am a doctor FIRST, nothing is more important to me than your health, and the health of your family and loved ones. This may sound cliché but I assure you… YOU are my mission.

The nutritional and herbal business in America has become a multi-billion dollar industry. And the vast majority of people in this business are focused primarily on business. After all, that is what business is usually all about—making more money. On the contrary, my focus is YOU and your health. And my crusade is to make sure every American knows that they have an option and an alternative when it comes to healthcare. This is what drives me and keeps me going.

Look, I started in this healing art for very selfish reasons, just to save my own life and heal myself. Helping others and starting my clinic happened by accident, as a natural progression. So I am now a doctor, who spent decades in my clinic, helping others to heal themselves, naturally. That makes for a very different business focus. That is my business focus and what my business is all about—YOU getting well and YOU staying well.

So here are just a few of the reasons why my focus makes the company and the products we make, very different, and also the reasons why you have made the best possible choice in herbal formulas.


The words “Natural” and “Pure” can be used to sell just about anything these days, but to me, they are more than just words. I was one of the American pioneers in the organic herbal industry, using organically-grown and wild harvested herbs to make my clinical formulas, long before it was fashionable or trendy. My passion has always been to find the cleanest and most powerful herbs available, and using organic achieves both clean and powerful.

10 Times More Powerful!

It has been proven that organic food and herbs contain a much higher amount of nutrition and phytochemicals— up to 10 times more! This is a simple equation. Up to 10 times more nutrition and phytochemicals means that these herbs are up to 10 times more potent than non-organic herbs, which also means that you have an up to 10 times greater chance of getting the results you desire. Because, even more important than purity and powerful—is YOU! That’s the real bottom line, YOU getting healthy and YOU staying healthy. I take purity very seriously, to the extent that our manufacturing facility has been registered with, and is continually inspected by, the California Dept of Public Health: Food & Drug Branch, and we are licensed to manufacture ORGANIC Herbal Products. Furthermore, we have also been certified as an ORGANIC facility by Quality Assurance International, the top USDA accredited organic certifying agency in the United States.

No Toxic Chemicals Ever!

Finally, I always say that it is not good, common sense to be making formulas to clean and detoxify your organs and body, but at the same time, using herbs sprayed with toxic fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and other farming pollutants and ingesting them, and worse having these toxic chemicals pollute the land and environment where you live. In the 1960s we had a saying, “You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.” I want to assure you, we ARE the solution!

Quality & POTENCY Takes Time!

An old winemaker in Italy once told me that wine can only be as good as the grapes you start with. Herbal products are no different. That is why growing and finding the finest herbs is the most important aspect of making the finest herbal formulas. Second, are the processes that we use. We now live in an era of fast and instant everything—from cell phones, computers, text messaging and even Twitter and Instagram. Instant may be good for communication, but not for food, and not for herbal formulas. Today, most herbal manufacturers have sped up processing time to quick 3-day extractions (or even 3-hour extractions) using heat, and even using herbal crystals and concentrates, and not even using the raw plants and herbs anymore.

Today, I still use the same time-consuming methods used and passed down from generation to generation by the greatest herbal pharmacists of the last century, which have been long abandoned by other manufacturers. Our minimum brewing time is 14 days, with some brewing taking as long as two to three months. Each tonic is blended and stirred every single day, before it is eventually pressed under 40 tons of pressure. This is the same way the best wine, olive oil and even herbal medicine have been made for thousands of years.

We Don’t Skimp on Herbs!

Next is the herb to menstrum (liquid) ratio. Herbal authorities and the new breed of herbal manufacturers now say that only 10% raw material (herbs) to 90% liquid is necessary to make most herbal tonics. This is certainly an effective treatment for the profit bottom line, but not the customer’s health. Obviously, these manufacturers have never been really sick, never ran a clinic, never had patients or have never had sick children, parents or siblings they were trying to keep alive. If they had, they wouldn’t be thinking about scrimping and putting 10% or 20% or even 30% herbs in their products. They would be cramming every flower, leaf, berry, seed or piece of bark that they could fit into the vats and jumping up and down on it to get even more herbs into the vats, before they added any extracting liquid!

We Cram the Vats to the Top!

All of our tonics are made filling each and every vat up to the VERY TOP with raw herbs. In fact, with every vat, when we add the liquid menstrum, the vats overflow and herbs spill onto the floor. Maybe we use too much herbal material in our vats, maybe it is wasteful or unnecessary, but here is what I KNOW: My clinic was filled with patients that were still ill, long after the doctors gave up, that were using many of the herbal products found in health food stores and were still NOT GETTING WELL. But, when they started using my much more concentrated formulas, they saw immediate and remarkable results. So the absolute most important thing I always keep in mind during manufacturing is you and your family’s health, and we will never forget that. I make sure that no herbal extract we make could ever be made any more concentrated, any stronger, or any more POTENT and effective than we make it, PERIOD!! What’s next? How about operating an herbal pharmacy and clinic that spanned three decades, where I worked with tens of thousands of patients?



I often refer to other herbal products as bottled herbal theories or herbal hypotheses. Where some herbalist who meant well, studied what chemicals are maybe present in a particular herb, saw how these chemicals might affect an illness or a person’s health, and then simply dreamed up an herbal formula. Designing herbal formulas without having a clinic is like typing on a computer keyboard without a monitor. You have absolutely no idea what you are doing, and no idea what the results might be. And, you would be surprised at how many herbal formulas out there are designed exactly this way.


There are even herbal companies that have no herbalist in the company at all! They just research fad herbs on the Internet, and then marketing managers make up a trendy formula. And, even the herbal companies who have herbalists in house — did these herbalists ever have a clinical practice? Did they ever have any patients? Did any of these patients ever get well? I designed every herbal formula in my clinic, for my patients, and for over three decades I refined these formulas to be the most EFFECTIVE herbal formulas anywhere. This is what I mean by PROVEN.


Finally, I am fully aware that you have a choice when it comes to the herbal formulas and the products you choose to treat yourself and your family with. I want you to know that my family, my company and I take your trust extremely seriously. I can guarantee you that no herbal formula is made using PURER or higher quality herbs. No herbal formula is made more concentrated or POTENT , and none have more clinical success stories or PROVEN results than my herbal formulas and products. Every day I take my SuperFood Plus, HerbalMucil Plus, PROTECT Formula, NEW Super-C Plus and numerous other of my formulas when I am sick, cleansing or healing. And, I use the exact same Dr. Schulze herbal products on my son and my own family, too. So, welcome to my family!