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Cayenne Tincture

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Cayenne Tincture

The most powerful blend in the world to boost circulation!

  • STIMULATES blood flow—rapidly, powerfully and completely
  • STRENGTHENS your heart, arteries, capillaries and nerves
  • Helps maintain NORMAL blood pressure in healthy individuals

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1 ounce liquid fire (250,000 heat units)


Botanical Ingredients:

Dr. Schulze’s special blend of Mexican Habanero, Jalapeño, African, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese Peppers

How It Works

There is NO BETTER HERB than Cayenne to supercharge and dramatically boost your blood and lymphatic flow, which simply cleans, flushes and heals the area.

Dr. Schulze

All hot capsicum species contain the powerful phytochemicals Capsaicin and Oleoresin, which are only some of the active constituents.

Cayenne is the greatest herbal aid to circulation and can be used on a regular basis. There is no other herb that stimulates the blood flow so rapidly, powerfully and completely. After all, no other herb gives you a red face—that’s blood!

For emergency use, it is almost unlimited. It has been used to improve heart health and brain function, and to maintain healthy joints. This herb, in history, has been revered by so many herbalists that some added it to almost every formulation, and Dr. Schulze is one of them.

Why You Need It

There is no better herb than Cayenne to supercharge and dramatically boost your blood and lymphatic flow, which simply cleans, flushes and heals the area. This Cayenne/Capsicum Concentrated Extract and Powder is by far the strongest available anywhere. We label them 250,000 heat units, but that is a MINIMUM. Often, some of the peppers we use rate over 500,000 heat units.

The Liquid Extract is preferred and more convenient for most emergency applications, while the Powder is more suited for daily health intake.

WARNING: This product contains extremely HOT Cayenne Pepper. Wash hands two or three times after handling this product. Do not touch sensitive areas of the body after handling this Powder. When we mix this Capsicum Powder, even some of our employees who are used to consuming hot peppers have to wear special anticontamination suits with Special Forces gas masks that Dr. Schulze bought in Germany. We are not joking.


I had been having migraines for many years. My doctors had me on many prescriptions. Finally, a friend of mine told me about Dr. Schulze and said take the Cayenne. Within a day my migraines stopped! I have been free and clear since 2003!

Paul H., Beverly Hills, CA

Your Cayenne Powder is fabulous, and by far, the best available anywhere!

Adrienne J.

The Cayenne Tincture is great for so many reasons. I find it helps with my allergies and with any headaches I may have. It helps me with sinus pressure and clears everything up. It gives me relief throughout the day!

K.D., Los Angeles, CA

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