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Doc’s Top Picks This Season!

Over 70% organic botanical ethyl alcohol plus essential oils for your skin.

Hand Clean


I spray it on my hands, and I even put it on my face. With over 70% high-grade organic alcohol concentration—plus pure, potent essential oils—it keeps you CLEAN! Take a bottle everywhere you go and spray it on your hands any time you touch anything!



Herbal Shield

A Strong and Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit is the best DEFENSE.

Emergency Response

I want to make sure that, before I go out, I am protected and clean. And, before I go to bed, I want to get rid of anything that could be on or around me. Using a cotton swab, I saturate the inside of my nose with the Herbal Shield. Breathe in as you do it, and get those vapors deep into your sinuses.


1/3 FL OZ

Super-C PLUS

Vitamin-C is pure immune fuel, and three tablets of my Super-C gives you over 500% of your daily Vitamin-C. I take four!


180 Tablets

C&F Herbal “SHOT”

I take this twice a day, gargle with it, then swallow. This formula gives you over 10 TIMES your daily Vitamin-C, along with another twenty powerful herbs to help keep you healthy and strong.


15 FL OZ

Daily Oral Therapy

This cleans the whole mouth, including the tonsils, moving up into the sinuses and deep into the throat. I gargle, then spit it out—and WOW!—that’s an herbal blast!


16 FL OZ

Air Detox

At night, I spray my pillow to make sure the air is clean and I am breathing easy when I go to bed.



Doc’s My Priority is YOU Staying Healthy!

My friends, creating powerful health naturally starts with great nutrition, getting the waste out, staying hydrated, moving your body, and getting enough sleep.

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