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Benefits: 5-Day KIDNEY Detox

  • FLUSHES, CLEANS and DISSOLVES deposits from your kidneys and bladder.
  • Keeps blood HEALTHY and CLEAN.
  • Helps to MAINTAIN normal blood sugar, which helps every organ in your body to work better.

Real People, Real Results

New Lease on Life!

A flyer came in the mail for Dr. Schulze’s Kidney Cleanse. I started a whole food/vegan diet and within 90 days, I was down 50 lbs. I now have a new lease on life. Oh, the best part…after I did two of Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day KIDNEY Detoxes, my kidney tests came back NORMAL! DR. SCHULZE SAVED MY LIFE!

– Lori N., Blairstown, NJ

Pain-free in 24 Hours

I used the 5-Day Kidney Detox and within 24 hours my pain during urination was gone and I did not have to sprint to the bathroom every 10 to 15 minutes! Also, I was having discomfort during intimacy with my husband and now (four days into the program) it is completely gone! Thank you Dr. Schulze for this herbal remedyI!!!!

– Rebecca J., Lubbock, TX

Sharing The Good News

Since I was 3 years old, I have had kidney problems. I ordered the 5-Day KIDNEY Detox. I received the product the very next day and had instant relief the same day of starting it. I finished the program and have been problem-free for 5 years now!! I’ve been sharing the good news ever since!

– Kari S., Castlewood, VA

Instant Relief

I used K-B Formula and K-B Tea and found instant relief.

– Kathy T., Long Beach, CA


Our Products: Pure, Potent, Proven


This program is designed to make your 5-Day Kidney Detox a simple and straightforward as possible. Click the image to view and print the Quick Start Guide.

5-Day Kidney Detox Program Guide



K-B Formula
K-B Tea
Detox Formula
Cayenne Tincture (0.5-oz)
plus QuickStart Directions


For those doing the Advanced Food Program (see QuickStart Directions), Dr. Schulze's Potassium Broth is a great companion to all of his 5-Day Detoxes, and a nourishing broth year-round. Click on the printable recipe:

Potassium Broth

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