Dr. Schulze’s 30-Day Detox. Forget resolutions... it's time for a revolution!

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Who Should Detox?

YOU! Anyone who lives in this modern world of pollution, stress and questionable food. It is virtually impossible to avoid being exposed toxic substances and from preventing them from entering your system and it is up to you to take charge. Our 30-Day Detox is for people who want to make a BIG change to enhance their quality of life. Benefits range from weight loss, improved health, increased energy & vitality, and a new zest for life. The government won’t protect you. Protect yourself!

Why Detox?

One key thing you need to know about creating powerful health is you must get WASTE OUT. Did you know there are 37 trillion cells in your body that create metabolic waste as part of their function? Every one of these cells rely on elimination channels like your bowel, kidney, and liver to remove toxins from your system.

This is why detoxing is absolutely key to your health. Your vital eliminating organs get congested and slow down over time and waste starts to build up on the cellular level. This creates serious health problems. Cleansing your eliminating organs is the best way to reset and repair for optimal performance, similar logic to changing the oil of your car.

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What Is The 30-Day Detox?

A revolutionary approach to preventative maintenance for your whole body. You will be blasting your body with nutrition (SuperFood) and immunity (Echinacea Plus) while cleansing every major organ for more powerful and vibrant health.

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Ready To Get Started?


Dr. Schulze’s 30-Day Detox Includes:
(2) SuperFood Plus (Powder or Tablets),
(2) 5-Day BOWEL Detox,
(1) 5-Day LIVER Detox, (1) 5-Day KIDNEY Detox, (2) Echinacea Plus (2-oz),
plus complete “30-Day Detox” instruction book

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