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Throat & Tonsil Spray

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Throat & Tonsil Spray

Disinfects, protects and soothes your throat and tonsils!

  • NEW! Precision Sprayer
  • STRENGTHENS your natural immune defenses against colds and influenza
  • HELPS get rid of micro-organisms that invade your body, especially during winter months
  • HELPS your throat and tonsils feel better

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1 ounce / 30 ml. spray


Botanical Ingredients:

Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Echinacea Purpurea Seed, Garlic Bulb, Habanero Pepper, Peppermint Leaf and Essential Oil, California Fig Concentrate

How It Works

Dr. Schulze’s Throat & Tonsil Spray (with 400% more Botanical Menthol and 300% more Cayenne) is the best way to defend against micro-organisms. It will also cool and soothe your throat and tonsils, immediately! Dr. Schulze’s original Throat & Tonsil Tincture is still available. At the first sign of a seasonal attack, gargle and swallow this formula to put the fire out!

NOTE: The tonsils and adenoids are part of your immune system. When they are swollen or inflamed, it means you have been invaded by some harmful micro-organism, and that your immune system is going into action. Modern medical books stress the importance of the tonsils in the maintenance of your immunity, and argue against performing tonsillectomies.

Why You Need It

Throat & Tonsil

Doctors agree that the flu and most colds start in your sinuses and throat. Then, the dripping infection drains downward and infects your lungs, and you really get sick. If you can stop the infection early—while it is still in your throat—you will save yourself a lot of pain and suffering. Dr. Schulze’s Throat & Tonsil Formula gives you what you need for your body to naturally fight against colds and flu.

Dr. Schulze’s clinical experience

Years ago, a man and his wife brought their 7-year-old daughter to my clinic. She had tonsillitis and her airway was almost closed off. Mom was open-minded and health conscious, while Dad was a medical doctor and mad about even being in my clinic. He yelled at me, ‘You’ve got a week, or I am cutting her tonsils out!’ I had her gargle and swallow 4 droppersful of Throat & Tonsil Formula, 2 droppersful of Echinacea Plus and 1 dropperful of SuperTonic six times a day. Within a week, her tonsils were fine, and to this day, she still has them.


I have not had a cold in years using the Throat & Tonsil Spray. I introduced it to my friend and his cold was gone overnight. The product is unbelievably amazing and wonderful. Dr. Schulze is a genius!

Irene E., Encinitas, CA

My 9-year-old son was having problems with his tonsils. He would complain about a sore throat a lot, and everytime he did, his throat would pus-up instantly. The doctors were talking about removing his tonsils so I started him on your Throat & Tonsil and saw instant results. The pus was gone the next morning! I’m really glad I was told about this product and will spread the word. Thanks!

Tina R.

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