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  • Colon Cancer “ALL CLEAR” Breast Cancer GONE

    ANSWER Dear Kaitlin, In my clinic I had patients with EVERY type of bowel disease from polyps to colon cancer, and I watched as they avoided the medical doctors’ knives, radiation and drugs, and th...
  • Orange Juice Causes Cancer?

    ANSWER Pat, WHOA! What garbage are you reading and where the heck are you looking? The Libertarians have a great statement: QUESTION AUTHORITY, which simply means to Question the AUTHOR. Personall...
  • Prostate Cancer, Radiation & Viagra

    ANSWER Dear Abigail, The Answer is YES! But it is NOT quite that simple. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Sex! It feels great and it is great for you, physically, emotionally and spiritually, but first t...
  • Healing Lung Cancer, Naturally

    A few weeks ago at my company, I met Kim, a woman that the medical doctors said would be dead a year and a half ago. But Kim is not dead; instead she is very much alive! Please, take 9 minutes to s...
  • Skin Cancer Healing Testimonial!

    A gentleman who sought Dr. Schulze’s advice regarding his skin cancer a year ago returns to tell of a Healing Miracle! After one year of applying Dr. Schulze’s techniques of diet, exercise and herb...
  • Avoiding Your Genetic Cancer Risk

    ANSWER Dear Roberta, Your first question, can the incurables program help when you have a genetic cancer risk? This is a great question that many people have. And you are under the gun of the medic...
  • Lung Cancer Gone! Thyroid Question?

    ANSWER Dear Shirley, I am sorry for your recent loss, but I celebrate your husband’s ADDITIONAL 13 YEARS! I know what it takes to hold someone’s hand, and help them, and keep their spirits high, an...
  • Cancer, Genetics & Lifestyle

    ANSWER Dear Rhonda, I will answer your questions in two parts—first, “Why You” and second, “What To Do”… Why You? Your first question is how is this possible, that you developed breast cancer after...
  • Cancer, SuperFood Plus and Juicing

    Dear Lawrence, Bullshit! They have no idea how long your father will live; no one knows. I have had patients that had Leukemia and were also told they would be dead decades ago, and they are still ...
  • My Dog Has Lymphatic Cancer

    NOTE: Many people who don't have pets, also don't understand why I take the time to answer questions from pet owners while their relatives are dying. It is a simple answer-the cure is the same for ...

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