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Hello I’m Dr. Schulze. This is My Story.

My parents both had heart disease. They were under complete medical doctors’ care. They were allowed to smoke cigarettes, drink pots of coffee and excessive alcohol, consume outrageous amounts of sugar and live on a diet of almost pure animal fat, have a bowel movement once a week or less, never exercise, and were directed to take a dozen toxic, chemical pharmaceutical drugs to try and offset their toxic and lethal lifestyle. This medical program didn’t work out for them. They both died horrible deaths, my Dad dying at 53 and my Mom at 55.

At 16, shortly after their deaths, I was diagnosed with heart disease myself. It started when a school nurse said I had a heart murmur, and I needed to see a doctor. Further tests showed I had inherited a deformed heart and valves, and my medical doctors suggested corrective heart surgery. Without it, they gave me only a few years to live. They said I would be dead by 20, because without heart surgery my weak heart would not be able to pump enough blood to sustain an adult body. Forty-five years later I am still alive. How? Why?

I denied the surgery, walked out of the hospital, and over the next three years I learned a powerful new way to live—physically, emotionally and spiritually. A way of life that would heal my heart, transform my life and create powerful and lasting health. Since then, for over 40 years, I have not only survived, I have THRIVED! I spent my life actively in the martial arts, yoga, running, swimming, running a busy clinic, and have been studying, practicing, teaching and completely immersing myself in Natural Healing methods and Herbal Medicine for 45 years.

Today, the medical doctors still say I have cardiomyopathy and that I should have died from congestive heart failure years ago, actually, decades ago. But I am still alive, feel great and my heart is still ticking. I have defied every medical diagnosis and prognosis ever given me. They say I am a walking miracle. What keeps me alive? What keeps my heart pumping? It’s very simple. Instead of hurting my heart (like my parents’ lifestyle that killed them), I created a lifestyle that assists my heart to work effectively, and furthermore, to even heal itself. I also used natural herbal medicine to heal myself instead of toxic chemical medicine.

After my three-year healing journey, relatives and friends were asking me how I did it. So, I started teaching them, and studied more. Eventually, I opened my clinic, which spanned three decades, where I treated tens of thousands of patients. In this clinic, my patients proved that you can overcome all odds, and heal yourself of absolutely anything.

What I have to offer you is the finest “clinically proven” Natural Healing Methods and the most effective Herbal Formulas available anywhere. I know what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to using Natural Healing and Herbs to regain your health. This is simply because that, besides my own healing adventure, my patients taught me very well. What I promise you is very blunt “in your face” Honesty, complete Commitment, unwavering Integrity and extreme Passion.

Look, modern medicine is failing miserably in America. If you are hoping that Medicare, Obama-Care or any kind of medical care is going to save you, think again. Medical doctors are the first to admit that there is no medical cure for any major disease. There is no cure for cancer, no cure for arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, neurological diseases, and no cure for the common cold either…none. NO CURES! Healthcare in America has actually become “disease management.” The medical answer to “curing” disease is poisoning it with chemotherapy, cutting it out with surgery, burning it away with radiation or trying to hold it back with pharmaceutical drugs. Again, this isn’t curing! This is “disease management.” Medicine does anything and everything to kill disease, but NOTHING to get you HEALTHY!

If you are one of the lucky ones, you will just be minimally tortured and die. If you are not so lucky, you will spend your entire nest egg (every penny that you have worked so hard for your entire life, and everything you’ve saved and wanted to leave your children) on medical care in the last few years of your life. If you don’t want your heirs to be the multi-trillion dollar medical institutions, hospitals or medical doctors, I have one suggestion.

I have learned, don’t focus on dis-ease, but instead focus on health! In fact, Create Powerful Health! My patients proved that when you focus on, and then Create Powerful Health, well, dis-ease simply leaves your body. After all, you learn in the first week of medical school that your body is a self-repairing, self-healing machine. So, to Create Powerful Health, you just have to STOP doing what causes disease in the first place (my parents’ or your parents’ lifestyle), and then START living a life that promotes your body to heal itself (my and my patients’ lifestyle).

Here, you will find many things. First, you will find a wealth of information on my Natural Healing Programs. Second, you will find the finest Herbal Formulas available anywhere.

We all want the same things—a loving family, a good job to support us and put food on the table and a roof over our heads. We want to be happy and healthy. Look, we all know that life itself is a “limited time offer.” So to get the most out of it, we want to have plenty of energy and to feel great, have fun and to live longer. Both Quality and Quantity, now that’s getting the most out of this gift of life. So, this is really what my job is. To help you feel great, and do this for as long as possible. Health may be the most important fundamental to making a great life, because without good health, nothing else matters.

I hope my welcome letter helps you to better know who I am, what I stand for, what my message is and what I can offer you. Please enjoy this website!