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Fresh Breath Plus

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Fresh Breath Plus

The most powerful, natural breath freshener available anywhere!

  • The most POWERFUL natural breath freshener available anywhere
  • Made with Peppermint Spirits, the STRONGEST concentrate in nature
  • ASSISTS in digestion
  • LASTS long and tastes great

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Botanical Ingredients:

Peppermint Leaf and Essential Oils, Botanical Menthol, Licorice Root, Clove Bud

How It Works

Fresh Breath

Fresh Breath Plus contains Botanical Menthol, an extremely concentrated extract of Peppermint Oil. Clove Oil is a very strong breath cover-up, and very intense. To mask the bitterness of the Peppermint, Licorice extract and a very small amount of Agave Cactus extract have been added. The result is an organic, all-natural and extremely powerful breath freshener that anyone can use.

Dr. Schulze’s clinical experience

For many years, my patients and customers have asked me what to do naturally to freshen their breath, especially during detox and cleansing programs, and actually, all the time, like at work or on date night. We tried every ‘natural’ breath pill out there (like parsley oil) that are supposed to stop bad breath. WHAT A JOKE!

I found that in the clinic, NOTHING was going to buffer, balance or absorb the odor of garlic, a lot of other raw foods and the smell of your digestive system cleansing. BUT, YOU CAN COVER IT UP! That’s right, the only effective way I have ever found to stop the powerful breath that comes with eating some foods, cleansing or just enjoying life, is to cover it up with something more powerful than what you are consuming. So, I created an awesome breath freshener for everyone!

Why You Need It

Dr. Schulze designed his Fresh Breath Plus using Peppermint Spirits, a powerful concentrate that is manufactured from organic Peppermint Leaves. Peppermint is by far the strongest herbal cover-up plant, and one that most people find the smell and the taste of very pleasing. Peppermint also happens to be one the finest and most effective digestive medicines. This is the why the after dinner mint was created. This is also the reason it is one of the three main herbs in Dr. Schulze’s Digestive Tonic. And, this is why he calls this herbal formula Fresh Breath Plus, because it doesn’t just freshen your breath; it also helps your digestion.

After 1,001 requests, I created an awesome breath freshener for everyone!

Dr. Schulze

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