This week, we continue posting highlights from Dr. Schulze's Special Event held last month at his Retail Store location in Marina del Rey, CA.

In this episode, Dr. Schulze outlines the folly of modern medicine when it comes to the diagnosis of disease. There are 7.6 BILLION of us on the planet, but modern medicine diagnoses the same 10,000 common diseases to everyone. This means that you somehow have exactly the same disease as 760,000 other people. This is nonsense.

Your body is unique, like a snowflake or a fingerprint. It is the sum total of everything you did physically, emotionally, and spiritually that hurt you and made you feel sick. Labeling your unique symptoms with a common disease and then focusing on that disease (instead of your health) cannot possibly get you well. Instead, stay focused on your health and start building new habits that will create powerful health!

Stay healthy, friends. See you next week.