This week, Dr. Schulze talks about his SuperFood-100 and shares that the name comes from the fact that it gives you 100% of all of major vitamins you need for the day…all coming from natural, plant-based food sources! This is the most exciting part of the formula, since most vitamins are sourced from ingredients that your body cannot assimilate, like ground oyster shells for Calcium and activated sewage sludge for vitamin B12!

Instead, SuperFood-100 is made from ONLY herbs and food. Plus, Dr. Schulze chose ingredients with the highest possible amount of nutrients in them, and ones that are also the most EASY to assimilate into your bloodstream—so they go right where you need them in seconds!

This is what makes SuperFood-100 (and all of Dr. Schulze's SuperFood products) the most powerful nutritional supplements available and why Dr. Schulze still gets excited about these products almost 30 years after creating them!

Stay tuned next week for more from this amazing and inspiring event…