This week, Dr. Schulze continues his discussion on his entire line of Nutritional products, sharing about each of the SuperFood products he uses, and when he uses them.

In this video, Dr. Schulze talks about those days when he doesn’t have time to make a morning drink and needs to get his day started. That’s when he reaches for his SuperFood Plus TABLETS. And, sometimes he doesn’t even have time for that! When he needs to run out the door, he grabs the SuperFood-100, and with only three tablets and less than 10 seconds, he has the nutritional boost he needs to start his day! Plus, he always keeps his SuperFood Bars stocked right in his car, so while he’s heading from meeting to meeting, he has the nutrition he needs to stay energized, focused and full of life!

Bottom line: The one thing he never wants to do—and that he never wants you to do—is run out of nutrition! Your body needs nutrients to think, have energy and stay alive!

Stay tuned next week for more from this amazing and inspiring event...