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What Is JUNK Food?


Dear Dr. Schulze, PLEASE HELP! I am constantly fighting with my husband about what foods are healthy and not healthy for our children. My parents even side with him cause they spoil the children. My kids love anything that is sweet, so they gravitate towards my husband’s food choices. We are both vegetarian, but that is where the similarities stop. He eats anything and everything vegetarian, but lives mostly on what you often refer to as health food store “merchandise”, not “food”. He’ll eat puffed cereals, breads, crackers, sweet drinks, and overcooked, way over-processed food like veggie burgers, canned soups and chili (actually canned everything) all the way to tons of “vegan” cookies, chocolate, pretzels, doughnuts and chocolate covered nuts, etc. If they sell it in a health food store, he says it is healthy, and nowadays you can find almost anything at our local health food store, they even sell steak and eggs now! I would appreciate any clarity you can give us on this subject. I know he and my parents will listen to you, especially since you saved my father-in-law’s life from heart disease, after a heart attack, but that’s another letter. God Bless You!

- Regina, P, Des Moines, IA, USA,

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Dear Regina,

I love health food stores; I grew up in them. I was a founding member of some of the first Health Food Co-Ops in New York and California. In my clinic, since I had to teach most of my patients a new way to eat, and what to eat, usually for one of their first five visits, I would have them meet me at the health food store and I would take them on a walk down every aisle. I would show them what health food was, and steer them in the right direction, and even give them some tips on how to prepare the food, and even how to set up their new kitchen with a Champion juicer, a Vita-Mix blender, etc.

I’ll say it again, I LOVE HEALTH FOOD STORES, and just about EVERYTHING in them is healthier, cleaner, better, more nutritious and made with more consciousness than it’s counterpart found in a regular grocery store. Now having said that, you can make yourself plenty sick in a health food store, too.

Then and Now In the 1960’s, when I first started seeing health food stores opening up, well, they were mostly vegetarian. You could divide them up into three groups: pills, food, or both. Some just sold bottles of pills (vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc.) Others were like small vegetarian grocery stores and sold mostly fruit and vegetable produce, and things like seeds, grains, beans and nuts in bulk bins. Some stores had both, but regardless, there was little or no health merchandise like cookies, canned food, and no vegan, flourless, chocolate doughnuts for sure. Any treats were usually made by the owner in their kitchen or by some local hippies.

Today, health food stores are a VERY different world because they are loaded with so much health merchandise (I won’t call it food). In fact, most of them have 10 to 12 aisles of this merchandise for every one aisle of fresh produce and actual food. For the most part, this is AWESOME. Personally, I like having a choice between 25 different natural soaps and shampoos. This kind of competition keeps the pressure on manufacturers of healthy products to get better and better. (Like a few weeks ago, when I pressed a younger manufacturer of a superfood product to go organic). If you didn’t read it, see my BLOG post style='color:blue'>Immediate Response On Last Week’s BLOG.

Health has become a multi-multi-billion-dollar business as Americans in general are finally realizing that you in fact are… exactly what you eat. The downside is that people keep pushing the envelope on what healthy actually is, so now we have healthy beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, WINE, candy, even gluten-free peanut butter filled pretzels and flourless vegan chocolate doughnuts. Oh My God!!!

The PROBLEM: What is Health Food? I will try to keep this VERY SIMPLE. The best food for us is food that supplies us with the maximum amount of nutrition, while doing the minimal amount of damage, if any. I often call food like this Nutrient DENSE.

Nutrient Dense food is food that has the highest level of Nutrition, but is the lowest in Fat, Sugar, Calories, Carbohydrates and Protein. You may say that we need Carbs and Protein, and you are RIGHT, we do, but in America today, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS GETTING SICK FROM NOT HAVING ENOUGH OF ANY OF THESE THINGS, and EVERYONE IS GETTING SICK FROM HAVING TOO MUCH OF MOST THINGS.

What I mean by this is that almost all diseases in America are caused by too much food in general—obesity or just being fat and overweight—which is usually brought on from too much food and too much Fat, Sugar, Calories, Carbohydrates and Protein. In fact, it is virtually impossible to find any American or anyone in any modern culture worldwide, that is lacking in ANY of these things. On the contrary, ALL modern diseases, especially the diseases that are killing us the most, and diseases that are on the rise, like Heart and Circulatory Disease and Cancer, are definitely “Diseases of the Fork”, or diseases directly caused by what we are eating and how much we are eating. And because we are overloaded on processed foods and junk foods, we are creating diseases by consuming too much Fat, Sugar, Calories, Carbohydrates and Protein, while at the same time we are Nutritionally Anemic and actually have low blood counts in nutrition.

“ALL modern diseases in adults, especially the diseases that are killing us the most, and diseases that are on the rise, like Heart and Circulatory Disease and Cancer, are definitely ‘Diseases of the Fork’, or diseases directly caused by what we are eating and how much we are eating.”

The SOLUTION The solution is simple. We all need to INCREASE our consumption of NUTRIENT DENSE foods and DECREASE our consumption of NUTRIENT DEFICIENT foods. We need to consume more foods that give us more nutrient bang for our buck, meaning more foods that have a DENSER CONCENTRATION of nutrients. Most Americans could eat half to two thirds less food, and get 4 to 10 times MORE NUTRITION! Doing this, takes a lot of stress off of the body, the digestive system, the liver, the heart and most other vital organs, while the extra nutrition builds up every organ and every system in your body.

The overeating of food in general, but especially NUTRIENT DEFICIENT food, wears our body down, causes pre-mature aging and breakdown and causes degeneration and disease.

On the contrary, increasing the amount of NUTRIENT DENSE food, assists our body to run much more fuel-efficient, run leaner, it slows the aging process, promotes longevity and PREVENTS breakdown and disease.

I will repeat this:

“The overeating of food in general, but especially NUTRIENT DEFICIENT food, wears our body down, causes pre-mature aging and breakdown and causes degeneration and disease.

On the contrary, increasing the amount of NUTRIENT DENSE food, assists our body to run much more fuel-efficient, run leaner, and…





Again, to keep it simple, just look at the following chart:

Nutrition Density and SuperFoods! SuperFoods are simply what I call any food that is extremely high in any particular nutrient, like vitamins and minerals, or high in a spectrum of nutrients, but very low in anything else. These are foods that are very concentrated, so you don’t have to eat much of them to get a blast of nutrition. Many herbs are a great example of this.

Consuming these foods is how you can keep your consumption of Nutrition very high, but keep your consumption of Fat, Sugar, Calories, Carbohydrates and Protein very low, which PROMOTES HEALTH AND LONGEVITY. It all comes down to high nutrient density clean burning fuel, versus dirty, low nutrient density fuel, which creates sludge and blocks your body, causing breakdown and disease.

So the simple reason I advocate a much higher consumption of nutrient dense foods and a much lower consumption of nutrient depleted foods all comes down to FEELING GREAT, LONGEVITY, SLOWING THE AGING PROCESS, PREVENTING DISEASE, and CREATING POWERFUL HEALTH.

For this simple reason, and this reason alone, I designed my own SuperFood supplement in my clinic, gave it to all my patients, and watched as NUTRIENT DENSITY created healing miracles. The sheer awesome healing power of flooding your body with easy to assimilate, concentrated nutrition—which is the building blocks for EVERYTHING that your body needs to do—and then removing the sludge, well, it is amazing to witness and amazing to feel.

It is not more complicated than this: Increase foods with NUTRITION DENSITY, add the highest nutrient density SUPERFOODS, reduce LOW Nutrition Density Foods, and remove the WASTE and SLUDGE in our body, and watch the Healing MIRACLES Happen!

Hence the foundation of Dr. Schulze’s Program, which is to INCREASE nutrition with my SuperFood Plus and REMOVE sludge with my 5-Day Detox Programs. I am really quite a simple guy!

Lunch Suggestion My breakfast is always the same—a blender drink. Currently I am still making and drinking my morning breakfast drink that I gave the recipe for over two years ago, and I’ll attach it again at the end of this BLOG post.

For lunch, I also make a blender drink in my Vita-Mix, but you can use any blender. I toss in handfuls of organic greens, like kale or collard greens and a handful of spinach, some fresh organic apple juice, maybe half of a banana (more apple juice and banana for beginners), a little lemon or lime juice, 25% to 50% water (less water for beginners), and maybe a splash of wheatgrass or ginger juice (but leave that out at first so it doesn’t taste too strong and intense). Of course, I also add two heaping tablespoons of my SuperFood Plus, and whizz it up! WOW! Now that is a NUTRIENT DENSE LUNCH! If I am hungry before dinner, I have one of my SuperFood Plus bars later in the afternoon.

Nutrient Density, Baby, THAT IS WHERE IT’S AT!

— Dr.Schulze

RECIPE: Dr. Schulze's Breakfast Drink!

Try this recipe for an awesome 150-calorie breakfast:

• 2 ozs Fresh Organic Fruit Juice

• 1 Strawberry

• 2 Blackberries

• 4 Raspberries

• 4 Blueberries

• 1/3 Banana or 1 Apple, Pear or Peach

• 2 Raw Walnuts

• 4 Raw Almonds

• 2 tsp Raw Sunflower Seeds

• 1 tsp Flax seeds

• 1 tsp Chia seeds

• 2 tbsp SuperFood Plus

• 1 tsp HerbalMucil Plus

• 14 ozs Herbal Tea or Water

Mix high-speed in the blender for 30 seconds—and use organic produce, of course.

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