Dear Lori,

I have your answer.

I extracted the following sentence out of your letter…

“I have tried increasing my metabolism by eating 5-6 times a day and that's when this all started.”

I believe you!

If you put gas in your car, and a mile down the road your engine quits, you don’t start wondering if the tune-up you had two years ago was faulty, you look at the most recent thing that you did or change that you made—the new gas! That is almost always what caused the problem.

Also, I always found in my clinic that my patients had the answer, no matter how complicated and confusing their dis-ease was, or how little their knowledge was of anatomy, physiology or biochemistry, whatever—it didn’t matter. Most people KNOW exactly what’s happening in their body, what and where it’s gone wrong, and my job was just to confirm their belief and instruct them how to Create Powerful Health.

So, let’s start with what you’re telling me, which is basically in your attempt to increase your metabolism by eating five or six times a day, well, that’s when the 10 pound weight gain happened.

You’re on the right track, and eating five or six times a day (I call it grazing) is not a bad thing to do. You just have to make sure that you are not—I repeat NOT—consuming more food and more calories than you were in the two or three meals that you were originally eating. In fact, it would be fine to try this new food program as long as you are consuming LESS calories than in your original two or three meals.

Lori, you are not alone here at all. Many people, when they switch from eating two or three meals a day, to eating five or six times a day, simply forget that those five or six times should NOT be meals, but more like grazing snacks. It is really easy when going to five or six meals to overdo it, and overeat. Do not beat yourself up about this. I am sure that once you get your food consumption and calorie consumption back to normal, you will lose those 10 pounds, and feel better than ever.

Don’t get discouraged!

You are doing a lot of really great things, and introducing a lot of healthy lifestyle changes that will make you feel terrific and promote a very healthy and very long life. Stay positive, smile, even laugh at yourself (no screaming) and have fun with it all.

Finally, you know I always push my personal lifestyle, and what created the healing miracles and life transformations in my clinic with my patients. So I highly suggest that you start your day with my extremely low-calorie—and extremely high-nutrition—SuperFood Plus morning blender drink. You can find the VIDEO and RECIPE right on this BLOG site.

Just scroll down the left-side margin under Blog Archives until you see “ALL VIDEOS”. Click this and then scroll down and click on my SIXTH entry on the page that loads up, which is called, “I Just Filmed This, My Summer Breakfast”, where I tell you—AND SHOW YOU on video—exactly how to make my low-calorie, low glycemic index, high nutrition and high fiber morning breakfast blender drink.

Also, I would eat one of my SuperFood Bars for at least one, if not two, of your grazing meals. Again, they are extremely high in nutrition but very low-calorie (only 165 calories in a 60-gram bar), which is almost unheard of!

So, if your breakfast is my suggested low-calorie SuperFood Plus blender drink, and two of your other meals are my SuperFood Bars, then you are well under 600 calories for three of your five daily meals. This means that you have another 600 calories or more for your other two grazing meals.

Keep Positive and Continue your Great Lifestyle Transformations!

— Dr. Schulze