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Waterboarding or 5-Day BOWEL Detox?

Dear Friends,

I have interrupted my new BLOG VIDEO releases, answering your questions, to bring you this very timely and important "Special Clinical Tips" update.

I Am Doing It With YOU! Today is April 10th, 2013 and I am currently four days into my own personal first 5-Day BOWEL Detox of the year, and I realized that I need to update all of you on some of my 5-Day BOWEL Detox  "Special Clinical Tips" so you can breeze right through your Detox Program.

I have already mailed you the first monthly installment of my new Special Report on Detoxification, which I will be publishing over the next three months. In this first one, the April issue, I start out by explaining to you that EVERYONE is using the word "detox" nowadays, especially all the new "hip" medical doctors on their television shows, even though they have no clue of what a detox really is, let alone how to do one.

Then I explain what a detox really is, and underscore the importance of making a seasonal detox part of your healthy lifestyle. So this month you will get my new Bowel Detox Special Report. Next month, in May, you will receive my Liver/Gallbladder Detox Special Report, and in June, my Kidney/Bladder Detox Special Report.


TIP #1: USE THE POWDER Use the Intestinal Formula #2 POWDER when doing my 5-Day BOWEL Detox. Unless you are in the top 1% of being ridiculously squeamish, USE THE POWDER! Even though the Intestinal Formula #2 is EXACTLY the same herbal powder, whether you are using the POWDER or the powder CAPSULES, you should experience using the POWDER and making the drinks. First, it works better because you are premixing it with water and juice (with the capsules it has to mix in your stomach). Second, you are assured you are getting enough liquid intake, to make the formula work its best. Third, if you ever have food poisoning (and most of you will at some point), you will know exactly how to make my "Black Drink". Come on, I know it’s black, but it doesn’t taste black!

TIP #2: WATERBOARDING OR DETOX First, use a LITTLE LESS liquid… It is VERY important to consume enough liquid to ACTIVATE the Intestinal Formula #2 and make it work. The more liquid you consume the better! So, in all of my instructions I really push hard on consuming enough liquid when doing my Bowel Detox. After all, dehydration and not consuming enough liquid is one of the main reasons for constipation in the first place.

But some people, especially if they are doing the ADVANCED Program, and also juice flushing (which is how I always do it) can find it a little hard to consume ALL THIS LIQUID in the course of the day. Remember, it’s five 16-ounce IF#2 drinks, plus four to five 20-ounce juice drinks. Add in a little of my Potassium Broth and you will feel like this is more of a Dr. Schulze Waterboarding Program than a Bowel Detox.

The simple solution to this: All of my instructions call for making the Intestinal Formula #2 drink using 8 ounces of pure water, and 8 ounces of fresh organic fruit juice, which makes a bulky 20-ounce drink once you add in the IF#2 herbal powder and shake it up.

INSTEAD, use only 5 ounces of pure water, and 5 ounces of fresh organic fruit juice, with the same rounded teaspoon of Intestinal Formula #2. This makes a smaller 10 to 11-ounce IF#2 drink, which reduces each drink by at least 8 ounces and reduces your total daily consumption by 40 OUNCES of liquid. This makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your ability to get ALL of the IF#2 drinks in.

Normally I would be worried that you are NOT getting enough liquid intake to fully activate the herbal powder, but if you are doing your detox the ADVANCED way with Juice Flushing, you are getting plenty of liquid so I AM NOT WORRIED!

If you follow my DRINK SCHEDULE in my next TIP, you will be getting PLENTY of liquid to activate the IF#2 Powder and have a GREAT and EFFECTIVE Bowel Detox.

TIP #3: FIRST THING IN THE MORNING Some people find it hard to get five Intestinal Formula #2 drinks in during the day. And the next thing they notice is that it is evening, they are hungry, and they have only had three drinks instead of five. I have the EASY solution for you…

Have your first Intestinal Formula #2 drink first thing in the morning, upon arising. This gets you ahead of schedule and solves the problem with drinking all five doses each day.

The following schedule is EXACTLY how I do my 5-Day BOWEL Detox, and how I suggested my all of my patients do it, to make it very easy to get ALL FIVE Intestinal Formula #2 drinks in during the day.

Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day BOWEL Detox (Drink Schedule)

7 am (or upon arising) Have your first Intestinal Formula #2 drink right after you wake up. Get up, walk to the kitchen, pour 5 ounces of water into a jar or a sports bottle, add your rounded teaspoon of Intestinal Formula #2, add 5 ounces of any fresh, organic fruit juice, SHAKE it up, and drink it down. NOTE: Don’t let the drink set, as it will turn into thick jello in less than five minutes. I want this happening in your digestive system, not in the glass!

8am: Workout This is when I get my hour of daily movement.

9am: Break-Fast This is when I make my morning blender SuperFood Drink with fresh juices, fresh fruit, raw nuts and seeds and of course SuperFood Plus. If you take any other herbal supplements, like PROTECT, or any of my herbal tonics, this is also a great time to take them, as the IF#2 drink will absorb some of your supplements also.

10:30-ish: Second Drink Now it’s time for your second reduced-liquid Intestinal Formula #2 drink.

Noon or 1pm: Lunch This is when I have my lunch Nutritional Drink. This is always where I get my veggies. Lately, I have been adding two huge handfuls of Kale and one handful of Spinach into my Vita-Mix. Next, I add some water, the juice of a lemon, and some fresh organic vegetable juice or even sometimes fruit juice.

Friends, if you are not used to this much veggie consumption, add in some apple or even some pineapple juice and you won’t even notice all the spinach and kale you are drinking. Remember SUCCESS FIRST, food combining second.

2-ish: Third Drink Consume your third reduced-liquid Intestinal Formula #2 drink.

3 or 4-ish: SuperFood Bar Some days, about 3 or 4 o’clock, I get a little hungry. If I do, this is when I consume a SuperFood Bar. It’s Raw Food; it’s OK!

5 or 6-ish: Fourth Drink Consume your fourth reduced-liquid Intestinal Formula #2 drink.

7 or 8pm: Dinner This is the time when you can either have another SuperFood or Nutritional drink of your choice or a raw fruit or veggie salad. If you are really hungry, try some raw flax seed crackers (they help the bowel cleanse) and some raw nut / bean pate.

9pm (or bedtime) Have your fifth and final Intestinal Formula #2 drink of the day.

AND DON’T FORGET: With or just after dinner, be sure to take your INTESTINAL FORMULA #1, or your IF#1 Maximum-Strength, or even a Bowel Flush "SHOT"!

If you follow this schedule, you will find it EASY to consume ALL of your 5-Day BOWEL Detox Drinks!

TIP #4: STAY CALM & GET CLEAN! I had some patients who panicked if they went a day with no bowel movement. DON’T WORRY!!! The Intestinal Formula #2 can actually slow down your bowel, and even make you skip a day. Just keep increasing your dosage of Intestinal Formula #1 every night until you have a bowel movement the next day, or take a Bowel Flush "SHOT" at night and then you will be guaranteed that all of the Intestinal Formula #2, AND EVERYTHING ELSE, will come out of you the very next morning.

There are no downsides to skipping a day of bowel movements. In fact, having 10 doses of the Intestinal Formula #2 inside your bowel is a GOOD thing. The formula is designed to hug to the walls of your colon, and SOFTEN and DRAW OFF and ABSORB any old fecal sludge, debris or toxic waste, so more "hang time" is just fine!

FINALLY… Look friends, I have been doing bowel detoxes and cleanses and fasts and juice flushes for 45 years now. I always say, "It’s ironic that it takes a lifetime to learn how to live!" Well, it also takes a lifetime to perfect the art of Cleansing and Detoxification, and making it easier and more fun.

— Dr. Schulze

PS: Why Detoxification? Spring is classically "spring cleaning" or what I call Detoxification Season. Your grandparents knew this. Every American traditionally had some sort of spring cleanse herbal tonic "spring tonic" that they used or had some special herbs they consumed, or a food program change. The reason for this is simply that after hunkering down for the past three to six months—after a long, hard winter—our bodies are a bit congested. In the winter we get less fresh air, less exercise, more calories, more fat, not to mention a few colds or flu. All of this thicker food and less exercise is important, and it helps our bodies deal with the colder weather. But, more calories and fat and less movement also contributes to everything from thicker blood and more fat storage to fattier muscles and waste accumulation. We are more like a Kobe beef cow now and we need to get back to being more like a thoroughbred horse—lean and fit!

So naturally, one of the VERY FIRST things to do for yourself over the next few months is a little "spring cleaning" to flush out the old winter waste, sludge and toxins that have naturally accumulated during your winter hibernation. This will LAUNCH you into summer, feeling GREAT and having tons of ENERGY!

DISCLAIMER: This BLOG's purpose is to promote the sharing of information about healthy living and dietary supplements. The views and opinions of Dr. Schulze and those of his companies and BLOG administrators are offered for your information and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured, or pregnant, consult a licensed medical professional.


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