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My 5-Day Detox Programs SIMPLIFIED!

Since the month of April is all about LIVER DETOXING here at Dr. Schulze’s, we are reposting this video to give you his best tips and wisdom to make your next 5-Day LIVER Detox the simplest EVER.

Dr. Schulze filmed this video right in the kitchen in Italy—no make-up, no rehearsals, no teleprompter, no hocus-pocus. In it, he shows you the most simple and easy ways to do your 5-Day Detox Program, from making the Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink, to how easy it is to make the Detox Tea, and take your L-GB Formula and Detox Formula, and take it “on the road” or to work.

Remember, in his clinic, detoxing was MANDATORY, not optional. Springtime is the BEST time to detoxify and cleanse, so don’t wait. Get started this April, and you’ll be amazed by how much more energy you'll have, and how great you’ll feel!

Stay healthy, friends! See you next week...

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