This week, Dr. Schulze answers a question from a woman whose husband has been experiencing unexplained weight loss.

In this insightful exchange, Dr. Schulze quickly moves past all of the possible ailments that modern medicine would attach to this man’s condition, and instead speaks directly to his wife, asking her what she thinks is wrong with him.

He goes on to share that patients would come to his clinic all the time asking him to tell them what is wrong with them. His response was always the same: “I don’t know you. YOU tell me what’s wrong with you!” Because deep down, we all know what is really going on with us. He reminds everyone that we know ourselves better than we think.

Watch and discover as Dr. Schulze utilizes his razor-sharp natural healing detective skills to close-in on the possible causes behind this man’s condition, without ever seeing him or examining him.

His bottom line: There is no such thing as a solely physical disease. You have to have an emotional disease and a spiritual disease to go along with it. This is why you need to focus on restoring balance to your body in all three areas if you truly want to get well and create powerful health.

Stay healthy and see you next week.