This week, Dr. Schulze answers a fundamental question about why our bodies get sick, and what we can do about it.

He starts off by saying that your body is a "self-repairing mechanism." Every would-be doctor learns this in their first week of immunology class. So, if this is true, why is there disease?

He goes on to share that it is because your body is running into Too Much Resistance! Your body wants to repair itself, it knows how to heal you of every disease known, but it’s just running into too much resistance.

This resistance is due to an unhealthy lifestyle, poor food choices, lack of exercise, and subjecting yourself to too much stress, negative news, negative thoughts, and negative emotions. Your body is fighting against all of it…and it’s losing.

Remove all of that negativity, create new healthy habits, set-up every aspect of your life to support a healthy body, and now this miracle “self-repairing mechanism” has the bandwidth to repair and heal you of ANYTHING.

See you next week!