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Dr Schulze Half Blog

Dr. Richard Schulze: The Original Natural Health Revolutionary

Wisdom from one of the early pioneers of modern Natural Healing.

To Poop or Not To Poop… that is the Question.


Dear Dr. Schulze,

I have been seriously constipated for years and want to try using your Intestinal Formula #1 and eventually do your 5-Day BOWEL Detox Program, but I am afraid. I have heard that taking bowel herbs can be addicting and I would like to know what you think. Also, I have a friend that has been taking your Intestinal Formula #1 for years and she wants to know if there are any dangers of taking it indefinitely?

— Sarah C.


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Dear Sarah,

Most people start taking the Intestinal Formula #1 and feel great immediately. They love it. They begin having regular, frequent, softer and complete bowel movements, probably for the first time in their life. They lose weight, their tummy gets flat, but then a few of them wonder, can I take this formula for a while or a month or six months or a year, or even indefinitely? And of course the answer is very simple: To poop or not to poop... that is the question.

The downsides of constipation are almost infinite. You can have sickness, illness, disease, immune weakness, low energy, back problems, headaches, leg pain, menstrual irregularity, hormone imbalance, erectile dysfunction and prostate problems, emotional problems, bad digestion, poor assimilation... numerous diseases, including diverticulosis and herniation of the intestine due to fecal matter impaction.

Modern medical books say that 100% of ALL Americans, before they die, are going to have herniated intestines due to lifelong constipation. I saw hundreds of patients that developed cancer in the bowel simply because of constipation. I also saw every disease and every illness helped by cleaning out the bowel, no matter what it was. You may think that your disease or your problem is totally unrelated to your bowel, but let me tell you, the old natural healers knew it, and they were right. You clean out your bowel and miracles can happen. I have seen everything from chronic back pain and migraine headaches, to every disease known, be relieved and helped by a thorough colon cleansing like my 5-Day BOWEL Detox. For many of my patients, their disease or chronic problem just disappeared.

Now, for those whose diet and lifestyle inhibit them from having regular bowel movements, or those who have inherited sleepy and sluggish bowels, GET STARTED taking my Intestinal Formula #1 IMMEDIATELY! START taking the formula IMMEDIATELY to get your bowel movements normalized and regular until the time comes when your bowel works perfectly on its own. What's the downside? I don't know of any. Besides the cost of the herbs, there's none that I'm aware of.

Rumors suggest that constant use of cathartic herbs will become addicting, but I've never, ever seen this. Constant use of cathartic herbs with no lifestyle changes, no food program changes, no movement changes and no attitude changes, well, if you want to continue to poop, you better keep taking the herbs. Intestinal Formula #1 will make you have normal, regular and frequent bowel movements no matter what you eat, drink and think. So if you want to call this addiction, so be it, but I call it staying healthy in spite of yourself!

On the other hand, I've seen thousands of people worldwide, including myself, that used Intestinal Formula #1 for years and then, when their lifestyle was corrected and adjusted enough, the bowel started working naturally two to three times a day on its own, and they were completely able to wean off of this herbal formula entirely. I'm one of those. I took the formula for over ten years before my lifestyle, my exercise program, my new emotional program and all of the good things I was doing kicked in enough for me to feel better and have those regular two to three bowel movements a day, where my bowel moved thirty minutes after each major meal. So it can take some time, especially if you have years of hard living or bad living habits or, again, have inherited a very weak, sleepy bowel.

Once my patients would start having regular bowel movements without the formula, the only time they used Intestinal Formula #1 again was during episodes of constipation, usually Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any time the family gets together and eats, or when they traveled... any time they temporarily abandoned their healthy lifestyle program and it resulted in constipation. Then you can use Intestinal Formula #1 on a temporary basis to keep your bowel working, but believe me, my patients didn't get addicted.

I always like to use the analogy—it's like taking your bowel to the gym. If you go to the gym and do isolated bicep curls, that workout your biceps muscles, after a while, your biceps muscles get much stronger, and when they're stronger they work better. When your colon is sluggish and weak, taking my Intestinal Formula #1 actually stimulates and tones your bowel muscles to move more, and this is what causes you to have better bowel movements. Over time this muscular movement and toning makes your bowel muscles stronger, and stronger bowel muscles work better on their own. This is the opposite of addiction; this is healing.

Finally, back to the bottom line “pun intended”, it is a matter of having bowel movements or not, and considering the disease and downsides of constipation, I highly suggest that you get your bowel working right away. Immediately. TODAY.

Tomorrow is what you Believe and DO Today!

– Dr. Schulze

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