In this week’s video, a customer asks Dr. Schulze about making healthy changes. His fundamental piece of advice: Take it slow.

Dr. Schulze used to tell his patients to take “baby steps.” He had many patients that would eat junk food, take drugs, and drink alcohol one day, and then resolve to become “breatharians” the next day. He would explain to them that there were a couple of steps in-between their current lifestyle and the full-180 of putting their health first. It takes time to make lasting changes, so go S-L-O-W.

Now, if you’re sick, you need to pull out all the stops and make radical changes. However, when you’re striving to live a healthier life, start with trying one new healthier choice each week. Take your time with it, and once you’ve made it a habit, make another change, and then another. It won’t be long until you’ve made some wonderful changes that will last a lifetime.

See you next week!