In this week’s video, a customer asks Dr Schulze for his thoughts on enemas and colonics.

Do we ALL need them? Maybe not. But if you can’t poop…take an enema!

Colonics are great if you have had any history of chronic constipation. A seasonal 5-Day Bowel Detox is great for anyone, but if you know a good colonic therapist, why not? It’s like taking a bath or a shower, but for your bowel!

Did you know every American, if they live long enough, will develop some type of bowel disease like polyps or diverticulitis? In the 1950’s your chances of developing bowel disease was only 10%. Today, EVERY American is expected to develop some type of bowel disease if they live long enough. So, we need to take advantage of every way we know of to keep our bowel healthy and clean. Stay POSITIVE, make it FUN, and get HEALTHY.

See you next week!