This week, Dr. Schulze answers a question about the benefits of coffee and red wine. 

First, he mentions that, while many will tout the benefits of drinking coffee and red wine, there is also just as long of a list of reasons not to drink either. For instance, if you consume enough alcohol to feel even a little "fuzzy”, you are hurting your body.

Dr. Schulze also notes that consuming coffee or red wine comes down to an individual and their specific physiology. He concedes that, although getting drunk may be bad for your liver, some people SHOULD get drunk. It may be the first step to helping them lighten-up a little, speak more freely and express themselves more.

His bottom line: We can’t get so serious about what we let into our bodies that we forget to have FUN. On the flip side, don’t be addicted to things that can harm you. If you can’t function without three cups of coffee in the morning or a bottle of red wine in the evening, you might have a problem. Just try to live cleaner and healthier, find the balance for YOUR body, and you’ll be well on your way to creating powerful health.

Stay healthy and see you next week.