Natural Healing Evangelism from the TOILET!

Original Posting Date: March 24, 2010

OK, that’s right, you picked this as Number One. That just goes to show you that you are as weird as me, my friends. I thought there is no better place for me to talk about the American nightmare of constipation than right from the throne, so I asked my brother Larry to grab my hand-held video camera. I went off to my bathroom, and told him to come a knockin’, and he did. Seriously, this is a very amazing and very shocking quick video report about some shocking statistics about how bad constipation has become in America, and more important, how easy it is to do something about it, and that is when I take you right into my kitchen for the solution.

I really hope that you have had some fun the last 5 weeks, with these 5 short videos, and more important, that you have learned a few things that will help you, your family and your loved ones Heal Disease Naturally, Create Powerful Health, and live a very long, and very healthy life!

See you next week with some answers to your questions!

— Dr. Schulze

Video Clip Length: 13:56