This week, we continue with our new video series from Dr. Schulze’s 2017 Special Event, held at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, California.

In this episode, Dr. Schulze reviews the book “Gray’s Anatomy”—which describes every function of the human body in detail—and is used by medical doctors around the world.

Inside this book is the “perfect body”. The only problem is that you are not perfect. No one is. But, this “perfect body” is exactly what your body is being compared to whenever you go to see a medical doctor. Is it any surprise they always seem to find problems, if given enough time to search for one?

Watch Dr. Schulze explain how this "fictitious perfect body” skews our view of health and leads us down a path of searching for problems where there might not be any.

Dr. Schulze’s bottom line: Stop traveling down the road of negativity towards illness, and instead, change your FOCUS to stay on the positive path of HEALTH!

See you next week for a brand new video from this amazing, inspiring evening...