This week, we continue with our new video series from Dr. Schulze’s 2017 Special Event, held at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, California.

In this episode, Dr. Schulze and Rebecca discuss all the things she did to get on the path of health. First and foremost on the list: “Fun is FUNdamental!”

Along with all the positive, healthy changes Rebecca made, Dr. Schulze also encouraged her to get outside, get in her bare feet, and make sure she was experiencing life. Forget the sick mentality! Get out and LIVE!

She was also consuming six bulbs of garlic a day. Not cloves. BULBS!

Garlic is naturally anti-fungal, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-parasitical—no worm will live where Garlic goes. This was a fundamental key to Rebecca removing so many of the parasites that were inside of her.

There was also lots of Juice Flushing...for almost 90 days!

Over this time, Rebecca’s thoughts became clearer and her health improved drastically. There was no more paralysis in her arm, her vision came back, her menstrual cycle came back, and every awful symptom she had been experiencing was GONE!

Afterwards, Rebecca says her friends and loved ones literally said, “She came back from the dead!"

See you next week for a brand new video from this amazing, inspiring evening...