This week, Dr. Schulze shares some powerful insights to getting well. It all starts with being true to yourself, doing what you love, trusting your inner voice, and remembering that fun is FUNdamental!

In this latest video, he shares another story from his now-famous clinic, about a young woman who had been given only months to live with an incurable disease. 

When Dr. Schulze learned she had spent her whole life doing what her parents wanted her to do, and nothing of what she wanted to do for herself, his only advice was to simply start doing what she wanted. This young woman made some radical changes, putting her focus on what she wanted her life to look like, and inside of only 30 days…she no longer had an incurable disease!

Dr. Schulze’s bottom line: You cannot get what you want out of life by doing what you don’t want to do!

See you next week for another video from this amazing and inspiring event!