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The Dr. Schulze Pain Rule


Dear Dr. Schulze, I have been doing your Bowel Detox for a week now. I am up to six pills a day on formula one. This has produced two bowel movements a day when I am used to having only one every other day. I will take these six pills through this weekend and then start on formula two on Monday. My question is this: about four days into this detox I started having lower back pain and yesterday started having pain in my abdomen. Is it possible that the Intestinal Formula #1 is breaking loose toxins in my colon and causing this pain? Also I had gallbladder pain this week. I have your 5-Day Liver Detox to do after I do the bowel. So last night I mixed up some of the Detox Tea and drank two cups. Woke up this morning with no pain. What can you tell me about the pain I am experiencing in my back and abdomen? FYI - I have been eating a pretty strict vegetarian diet for the last six months. Thanks,

- Tom, K, Vine Grove, KY, United States,

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Dear Tom,

The fact that you were having only three to four bowel movements a week tells me a lot about you.

First, it tells me that your bowel habits are those of the Average American.

Being Average at first doesn’t sound too bad, until you take a look at the disease statistics of the Average American. So my job as a doctor was to get all of my patients, and to get you, out of this average category and into the above average category. Then you can expect levels of health and levels of disease resistance and levels of longevity to be far above that of the Average American. This is what the Dr. Schulze program is all about: Quality and Quantity. Having a much better Quality of life (feeling great and having tons of energy, more than the Average American) and having a much greater Quantity of life (or lifespan) than the Average American.

70,000 Bowel Movements Short

Second, your past bowel habits tell me that you will be approximately 70,000 bowel movements short in your lifetime than a person whose bowel is working at a healthy and normal frequency, which is one bowel movement a day for every major meal that you eat every day.

For a more detailed explanation of this 70,000 number and what normal healthy bowel habits are, click and watch this SHORT VIDEO CLIP I did on this subject.

OK, so after starting on my Intestinal Formula #1, your bowel movements increased from three or four a week, to two per day, or up to 14 each week. GREAT!

First, let me say that you have followed my directions well by NOT starting on the Intestinal Formula #2 until you first got your bowel working more frequently, by increasing to at least two bowel movements a day. You get a gold star for paying attention to detail here.

I will also assume that because you have been doing my 5-Day BOWEL Detox for a week already, and you are now taking 6 capsules a day of the Intestinal Formula #1, that you also started with one capsule a day, and increased this dosage by only one capsule daily until you reached your personal dosage of 6 capsules a day (to achieve two bowel movements a day), which is EXACTLY the correct way to begin my 5-Day BOWEL Detox. Again, GREAT job for paying attention to these two details.

Is This Pain Normal?

So your question is that a few days into doing your bowel detox, you started having some pain in your lower abdomen and lower back, and even a little gallbladder pain, and you are wondering if this is normal.

Well, it is not normal, but it is also not abnormal and nothing to worry about. I will assume that by the time I am answering you, the pain is probably gone by now anyway. But I would like to explain what this pain probably is, for the rest of my readers.

One HUGE Organ

First, you must imagine that your bowel is a HUGE organ. It is actually the LARGEST organ in your body. It is basically a HUGE muscle. Your complete intestinal tract is as long as two cars parked end-to-end, and your colon is the largest organ of this system.

The Intestinal Formula #1 is waking this muscle up and EXERCISING this very large bowel muscle, like taking it to the gym. It is stimulating this muscle to move more frequently and to move more forcefully to eliminate more fecal matter, more often and more completely. And since your bowel, this huge muscle, has been sleeping instead of moving, well, when you start to use any muscle more, it is not abnormal to feel it more. This is the same as if you started exercising more and going to the gym, you would notice that a few of the muscles you are using are sore for the first week.

Starting The Old Car

Imagine that you have an old car in your garage and you haven’t started it in a few years. Then, one day you go out to the garage and hook a jumper cable up to the battery and start to crank it over. What can you expect to happen? Well, it will probably sputter, shake, backfire, smoke, rattle and run rough for a few minutes until it warms up. Then, after a few minutes, the engine will smooth out and it will run normally. This is not unlike when we start getting an internal organ to work more—you will notice it working more! It might sputter, backfire, run rough for a bit, and you may perceive this as slight aching or pain. Again, this is not normal, especially since you started on the programs gradually, as I suggest, but it is not abnormal either.

What I hear more often is that chronic back pain and abdominal pain goes away after starting on my Intestinal Formula #1, but again, having some lower abdominal sensations is perfectly normal. You are waking up a sleeping giant. So keep going!

The Dr. Schulze Pain Rule I used to use this rule in my clinic, to decide what is good pain and what is bad pain. We can call this the Dr. Schulze Pain Rule. The first thing you have to ask yourself is what have you been doing?

If you have been staying up late, drinking alcohol, partying, not getting enough sleep and eating a lot of junk food, and you have abdominal pain, this is not good pain. This is your body telling you to PLEASE STOP!

On the other hand, if you are doing my 5-Day BOWEL Detox, eating more healthy foods, and using my Intestinal Formula #1 to overcome constipation and create more frequent bowel movements, and then you experience some lower abdominal pain, PLEASE KEEP GOING! This is GOOD PAIN.

The pain may feel exactly the same in both instances, so in order to determine if it is good pain or bad pain you must ask yourself, “Have I been doing good things and making healthy changes in my life, or have I been burning the candle at both ends and partying hard?” The answer to this will easily determine whether this is good pain or bad pain, and whether to STOP or KEEP GOING. I used this rule in my clinic and it was right 99.9% of the time.

One Additional Note

You say that you have also started a vegetarian food program, which is a high-fiber food program and this will also help your bowel to eliminate better. Animal food—meat, eggs, dairy, chicken, fish, ALL animal food, by-products, milk and eggs—have ZERO fiber. NONE! This makes it hard to digest, slower to digest and very hard to eliminate as fecal matter. The only source of food fiber is vegetarian food—fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, etc—are all loaded with fiber, which naturally promotes better digestion and much better bowel elimination. Even some vegetarians who still eat dairy or inherited a sluggish bowel need more fiber, hence my HerbalMucil Plus formula.

Finally, the fact that you made up some Detox Tea (a digestive and liver stimulant) and drank two cups, and the next morning the gallbladder pain was gone, is also a great sign that you were just experiencing the feeling of getting your engine started after it has been sleeping in the garage for too long. By the way, you get another gold star for this good self-treatment decision. (That’s three gold stars so far!)

I also noticed that you are planning on doing my 5-Day LIVER Detox after you finish your 5-Day BOWEL Detox, which sounds like a great idea as I believe your entire digestive tract has been abused, and also been sleeping for too long.

This is a great reminder to all of us that the way I designed all of my programs is for you to get maximum results with little or no discomfort or pain, but sometimes it still does happen. Often all it takes is a little sleep, maybe a hot bath or my favorite, a good old-fashioned hot water bottle, a little Nerve Tonic (a bowel antispasmodic) or some Digestive Tonic, Detox Tea or a Digestive “SHOT”, and you are back on your feet in no time.

Good job, Tom, and keep going! And three Gold Stars! I rarely give out three!

— Dr. Schulze

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