This week, we continue with our new video series from Dr. Schulze’s 2017 Special Event, held at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, California.

In this episode, Dr. Schulze discusses the basic formula used by Modern Medicine, "the diagnosis and prognosis of disease”. With this formula, the doctors look at your symptoms, connect it to a diagnosis (a disease), then give you a prognosis (what this disease will do to you and how quickly it will do it).

Dr. Schulze shows how Rebecca was diagnosed with everything but the actual problem she faced: Parasite Infestation. And, how she was further impacted by all of the pharmaceutical drugs she was put on, which did nothing to help her actual issue. This continued until she was ultimately given the doctors’ final prognosis: Death.

The fundamental problem with the “diagnosis/prognosis formula” is this… The equation they use "Diagnosis + YOU = Prognosis" doesn’t ever take YOU into consideration!

Modern medicine assumes YOU are “The Average American”. But if you do anything—ANYTHING—healthier than the what the average American would do, their prognosis does NOT apply to you! Their equation no longer works!

Dr Schulze’s bottom line: Nobody, not even medical doctors, know the future. Natural Healing is about CHANGING your future. You don’t have to live out what anybody told you, especially when it comes to your body, your life, and your health!

See you next week for a brand new video from this amazing, inspiring evening...