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The Danger of CT Scans

I have always said that if I am ever unfortunate enough to be run over by a train, and my torso is on one side of the tracks and my legs are on the other, that I would like to have a CT scan, an MRI and a top team of surgeons put me all back together ASAP.

But, barring some major catastrophe, and trauma medicine, I have always said that most people are better off avoiding most medical care all together, especially when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

I remember reading a study a few years back (to most all oncologist’s dismay) that in spite of all of the amazing claims of advancements and cures, the average person with cancer, would live longer, if they simply did nothing at all, outliving those that choose aggressive medical therapy. That’s right, if they do nothing at all they actually live longer! In fact, the study went on to say that they would have a much better quality of life too, be a lot less tortured, not to mention save hundreds of thousands of dollars and avoid giving their house and entire nest egg to doctors, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

Back to CT scans… The cat is now out of the bag, pun intended. According to the most recent evidence, many CT Scans are NOT necessary, and that is according to Dr. Rita F. Redburg, editor of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

In 2007 (the most recent data), it was estimated that 29,000 Americans will develop Cancer because they got a CT scan, and that more than 15,000 will die from Cancer due to CT scans!

This means that CT scans are now one of the highest causes of cancer and DEATH! Doesn’t anyone but me think this is insane?!

A while ago I got a call from an old friend, his wife was in severe abdominal pain and distress and he called me asking for advice. After asking a few questions, I suggested that it was probably trapped gas, and suggested one of my Digestive “SHOTS”, which is a powerful carminative that offers strong help for indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, gas, nausea, etc. He said she was scared, but I even suggested a hot water bottle over the lower abdomen, a few teaspoons of my Intestinal Formula #2 in 16-ounces of water, doing some easy stretches, even an enema, at which point he sounded like I was going way too far, so I didn’t mention putting his finger in her anus and stimulating it.

Regardless of my advice, he rushed her to the hospital emergency room late at night. They waited a few hours to be seen while she was in agonizing pain (as they didn’t take my herbal advice) and then finally the medical doctor suggested a CT scan and they agreed. They called me from the hospital and asked me again, and told me the medical doctors wanted to do a CT scan and had already taken blood and were already injecting chemicals, and I repeated, “Get out of there! It is probably just gas!” I also mentioned to them that a CT scan was dangerous and was equal to hundreds of x-rays in radiation exposure and at this point I could see I lost them, like I was out of my mind.

Anyway, they took more blood, injected more chemicals, did a CT scan and after six hours found nothing, and told her to go home, and that it was probably… just gas.

What they didn’t tell them was the bill that was coming in the mail in a week would be for over $8,000.00 and also that the CT scan they gave her was actually equal in radioactive exposure to 442 chest x-rays!

They called me a few days later and said they felt real stupid. Hey, we all do stupid things, I just hope she isn’t one of the over 50,000 that will get cancer this year because of an unnecessary CT scan.

So I will REPEAT:

In 2007, the most recent medical data on this subject, it is estimated that 29,000 Americans will develop Cancer because they got a CT scan, and that more than 15,000 will die from Cancer due to CT scans!

This means that CT scans are now one of the leading causes of cancer and DEATH! Doesn’t anyone but me think this is insane?!

— Dr. Schulze

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