In this week’s 2-minute video, a customer shares a powerful story about how Dr. Schulze’s empowering wisdom and potent herbal products saved his father’s life.

After his father was given one-month to live, he took him home where he lived another 18 months. He goes on to share that it was Dr. Schulze that gave him the fortitude to stand up to the doctors and get his father out of the hospital. Most important, when his father passed, he went quietly, mercifully, and not hooked up to multiple tubes in a hospital bed, scared and frightened.

Bottom line: This is the true difference between Natural Healing and Modern Medicine. It is not about “cheating death”, but rather the ability to live with a better quality of life and a longer quantity of life. And, when it is time to go, you won’t be alone and scared in a hospital bed with strangers passing through to poke and prod you, but rather, in the comfort of your own bed, surrounded by loved ones, celebrating this beautiful journey we call LIFE.

See you next week!