This week, Dr. Schulze comes to you with an all-new video, filmed at the SS Sapona wreck near Bimini, Bahamas.

In his latest video, Dr. Schulze talks about the great outdoors, summer fun...and the cuts, scrapes, bangs and bruises that can come with it! This week, he’s been stung, bit, scraped and cut playing out on the water. Thankfully, Dr. Schulze remembered to bring his new ANTI-I formula! If you’re like him and like to play in the outdoors, this formula is a MUST!

With his latest “new and improved” Anti-I formula, Dr. Schulze has added Ponderosa Pine Sap and a new brush-on cap, so you can brush the liquid formula right onto your injury, creating an herbal seal to keep germs out and keep the wound protected. It’s truly a powerful liquid bandage.

Stay healthy, friends! See you next week!