This week, Dr. Schulze brings you the “best of” his recent @TheHerbDoc Instagram videos!

In this short video, Dr. Schulze shares his powerful tips and healing wisdom to stay SUPER HEALTHY while on the road! Follow his fundamentals of health—get more quality nutrition, eliminate more waste and boost your immune system.

Chapter #1: DON’T EAT JUNK!!! You can find great food out there on the road, make it a fun quest to find it!!!

Chapter #2: Traveling on the road in the winter is risky at best with a lot of sick people around you. WASH YOUR HANDS 10 times a day with hot water and soap and keep you fingers out of your mouth, nose and eyes. This is the most important step in not getting a cold or flu!!!!!

Chapter #3: Flying, traveling, road food, lack of exercise, and traveling stress = CONSTIPATION. Eat some spicy food and use my Intestinal Formula #1 while on the road and your Bowel will work perfectly.

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See you next week!