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Sinusitis BLITZ plus NEW Herbal Formula


Dear Dr. Schulze, I went through your 5-Day Bowel Detox and I must say I feel 10 years younger; I stopped smoking just 4 weeks prior to that too! What an achievement ;) I need your help on something though - I have Sinusitis and don't know how to resolve it. I tried your Cold and Flu SHOTS, Ech+ and SuperTonic, but just ain't getting anywhere! It's still there, still all blocked, the 5-Day Bowel Detox which I just completed has handled my Eczema, but not my Sinusitis unfortunately. I completely changed my diet to vegetarian too! Could you please tell me what I can do to resolve it? Thank you, so much! Sincerely,

- David, S, Los Angeles, CA, United States,

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Dear (10 Years Younger) David,

I know exactly what you mean. It’s always amazing to me, even after tens of thousands of patients, at how only 5 days and a few little herbs can create such a HUGE DIFFERENCE in how you feel, and heal so many chronic problems, like it healed your Eczema. GREAT JOB, on your Detox, and also on quitting smoking!

As far as your Sinusitis, you should know two things.

One is that your sinus is an almost encapsulated region of your head, deep in, dark, and very restricted, so it’s a perfect breeding ground for disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, and many micro-organisms. And if it is congested, it is even more restricted and even more susceptible to infection.

The other thing you should know is that Chronic illness and disease often needs an intensive, concentrated and dedicated natural ASSAULT to get rid of it.

If you have ANY disease long term, that you have had for a long time or for most of your life, you will need to do an intensive natural blitz assault to it, much more than what most people imagine.

The late Michael Moore, a great American herbalist, use to say often that Americans really “pussy foot” around when it comes to quantities and dosages of herbal medicines, compared to other cultures. I totally agree! When you leave a Chinese herbalist you leave with a big grocery size bag or of herbs (and dried bugs, animal horns and gonads - I couldn’t help myself here), whatever it is, the dosages are huge. They know that you need to consume a large quantity of herbs to get well. Americans are used to highly concentrated chemical drugs, like little pills and small droppers of chemical liquids. When using herbs to heal chronic diseases, one of the reasons that I, Dr. Schulze, became so famous, is simply because I dared to go where no other herbalist would, when it comes to dosages. I tried to kill my patients with huge overdoses of herbs. Besides a few of them vomiting on my office floor, all that happened was… THEY GOT WELL!


As far as an herbal medicine blitz, for your chronic Sinusitis,

I suggest the following for 2 weeks.

One Cold & Flu “SHOT” 2 to 3 times a day for 2 weeks, taking Sunday off, so 6 days a week. Yes, that’s 24 to 36 Cold & Flu “SHOTS” over the 2 weeks!

Additionally, 24 droppersful of my Echinacea Plus tonic daily (4 droppersful 6 times a day), spread out throughout the day. YES, that is TWO - 2 ounce bottles of Echinacea Plus, each week, for two weeks, 4 bottles total (or 2 bottles of my new 4 oz size).

Additionally, 12 droppersful of my SuperTonic daily (2 droppersful 6 times a day), spread out throughout the day. YES, that is one 2 ounce bottle of SuperTonic each week, for two weeks.

Air Detox: Use this formula liberally and constantly, spraying it throughout the entire house, car, office, wherever you are. And every day, in your daily shower, make it really hot and steamy, and spray copious amounts of the Air Detox in the shower and do a lot of deep breathing, through your nose. Also, a few times a day, apply it to a damp washcloth and breathe it in, again through your nose. And at night, spray a lot of it onto your pillow. Also at night, put a small amount of my Deep Tissue Ointment right under your nostrils, before you go to bed.

Horseradish Root and White Onions: Everyday, chop up some whole  white onions until you cry, and also grate some fresh Horseradish root. Then when you are really tearing, chew up some of this fresh horseradish root too. Just by breathing in the odor of these two herbs will destroy the bacteria and virus that are living in your sinus cavity.

Garlic: Everyday, consume at least 3 cloves of raw garlic. You can just chop up a clove of it, put it in a spoon and swallow it whole if you want, 3 times a day. But chewing it is best!

Finally, My HERBAL SNUFF FORMULA for Sinusitis:

O.K., it’s not really a new formula like I said in the title of this BLOG answer, it is an old formula from my clinic, probably 35 years old, but it may be new to all of you.

Mix finely powdered and sifted…

1 Tablespoon of Goldenseal root powder

1 Tablespoon of Bayberry Root bark powder

1 small pinch of Cayenne pepper powder

1 small pinch of dried Garlic powder (not Garlic salt)

One of the questions my students always had about this formula is what is a pinch, how much? Just take a pinch, a little will be enough, if you must have a measurement, try 1/8 of a teaspoon. Mix all of these ingredients together well, and then make sure there are no bits or sticks in this powder.

Take a pinch of this herbal mixture and snuff it deep through each nostril up into your sinuses. I want to hear you snorting LOUD! Warning, this will hurt and burn a bit the first few times you do it, so do not do it while driving a car or operating dangerous machinery. Sit down, or stand at a sink, and snuff it up, and be prepared to yell a little if need be. YAHOO! It will also burn a bit for a short time after you snuff it.

Along with all of the herbal medicines and routines listed above, and then including my herbal snuff formula, I have seen the worst chronic Sinusitis healed.

One Final Thing, Vegan, NOT Vegetarian for Sinusitis:

I want to congratulate you for becoming a Vegetarian, but because you have chronic Sinusitus, I need you to take it one step further and become a Vegan. Here's why;

If I could pick the biggest food source offender for causing and contributing to Sinusitis it would be dairy products. Milk, milk products, dairy products, cheese, all of these things that I call “liquid meat”, are the worst at congesting and infecting the sinus. I don’t care if it is organic and chemical free, I don’t care if it is from sheep instead of cows, or from goats, or even from monkeys or pigs, which many scientists say are more similar to humans. The only milk that was ever designed for human consumption is human milk, period. Never anywhere on this planet would you ever see any animal sucking off the tit of a different animal; this doesn't exist.

Cows milk has all the fats, proteins, hormones, genetic material and DNA coding to create and build a beautiful baby COW! NOT a human. (just one of the reasons obesity is plaguing America) The same goes for sheep, goats, or any animal. WE ARE ALL LACTOSE INTOLLERANT when it comes to the milk or milk products of another species of animal, other than a human. And consumption of this alien milk directly causes the production of excess mucous in the lungs and sinus, and leads to lung and sinus irritation, inflammation, congestion, and then blockage and infection. I saw this a thousand times in my clinic - I would get a patient to stop consuming ALL dairy products from all types of animals, and the sinus infections would disappear.

So becoming a VEGAN, not just a Vegetarian, is the natural FOOD CURE for chronic Sinusitis.

You can easily heal your chronic Sinusitis with just a little directed attention. So It’s Time for the BLITZ!

Dr. Schulze

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