This week, we continue posting highlights from Dr. Schulze's Special Event held earlier this year at his Retail Store in Marina del Rey, CA.

In this episode, Dr. Schulze shares one of the simplest truths of Natural Healing. It’s so simple and powerful he had it hanging on a large sign in the waiting room of his clinic: "To heal yourself of ANYTHING—any disease, any illness—you must first STOP doing what is making you sick and then START doing what will make you well."

This means stopping any negative, unhealthy habit, whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual, and then starting new, healthy habits that will create powerful health. It’s that simple.

He also shares another sign that hung in his clinic: “Every patient is looking for a great doctor. I am looking for great patients.”

He goes in to say, “I never healed anybody. Ever. But, I taught a lot of people how to live a lifestyle—physically, emotionally and spiritually—so that they could heal themselves."

Stay healthy, friends. See you next week.