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Reversing Early Onset Dementia


Dear Dr. Schulze, I'm an 81-year-old woman, former nurse, who has recently been diagnosed with early onset dementia. I still drive, cook, socialize and dress well. My concern is my diminishing short-term memory. I fail to recall friend’s names and I forget some appointments. My G.P. prescribed Aricept but the side effects (vomiting and diarrhea) were terrible. He then put me on the Exelon Patch but the results were similar but not as bad. I have ceased using the patch. My question to you is: What would you recommend for my memory loss and to prevent further memory loss?

- Dottie, Y, Silverdale, WA, United States, ,

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Dear Dottie,

YES, I have a number of suggestions for you to not just prevent further memory loss, but to also REVERSE the memory loss and GET YOUR MEMORY BACK. But before I tell you about this, I need to tell you a few things.


First, your diagnosis is completely wrong! Early Onset Dementia simply means that a person younger than 60 (or at the latest 65 years old) is beginning to show signs of dementia, hence the name Early Onset Dementia. YOU ARE 81 YEARS YOUNG! That’s about 20 years past the cutoff age for early onset ANYTHING! You might be showing the early signs of a disease, but you do NOT have Early Onset Dementia!

So my first suggestion, and as a nurse I am sure you will agree, is to STOP GOING TO MEDICAL DOCTORS TO BE DIAGNOSED WITH DISEASES. You are an 81-year-young lady, so this is a dangerous age to be going to medical doctors as they are comparing you to the perfect metabolic model in Grey’s Anatomy and guess what—you are not perfect, baby.

I knew a man younger than you who went in for a checkup and was told he had Macular Degeneration and was going blind. I tried to convince him that life is a “limited time offer” and that we are all going blind as we age, but instead he decided to get depressed and a year later he bought a pistol and blew his brains out. My point being, we are all aging, we are all dying and if we start focusing on what is wrong with us, we will get ourselves in a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual trouble.

As I was just writing this, I couldn’t remember the name Macular Degeneration, it took me about 1 minute to remember that name. Does this mean I have premature senility, or Early Onset Dementia (as I am only 59), or even the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Disease? Who knows and who cares! Personally, I love the aging process, as I don’t care enough about disease names anymore to be worried about forgetting a few of them.

Hard Drive Almost Full I heard recently that the amount of stimulus, mental input and information we get on a daily basis, from talking, radio, television, movies, newspapers, magazines, telephone, the internet, and so on, is more input in one day that the average American got in their ENTIRE LIFETIME 100 YEARS AGO!

THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH STUFF TO FIT INTO OUR BRAINS! OUR COMPUTER HARD DRIVE CAPACITY IS FULL. So my question is: Do you have Early Onset Dementia, or is your brain just saying enough is enough, and simply filled up with too much stuff?

STOP TAKING DRUGS I am so happy that the drugs the medical doctor gave you made you puke and poop your brains out, so you stopped taking them. I hope you learned your lesson.

So Dottie, let’s just say that your computer hard drive is so full, and that you are bombarded with so much input, that you cannot hold all of this information anymore, or at least cannot immediately recall everything at a moment’s notice. You know that the more data that you store on a computer hard drive, the longer it takes the computer to sort through it and find the particular file, so why would it be any different in your brain? You are older, you have a huge library up there, so it takes you a little more time to find the books, and then the particular page. This sounds perfectly normal to me.


The Brain

The brain, like any other organ in our body, is made up of millions of cells, in this case brain cells. I remember when I first held a brain from a cadaver in my hand—it was a very enlightening experience. I knew from medical books what a brain looked like, but I had always imagined it to be a very special organ. I don’t know, maybe I expected it to be slightly gaseous, or have some shiny stars spinning around it or something, but no gas, no stars, nothing special, it’s just a hunk of meat.

And, like every other organ or group of cells, it must have nutrition going IN and it also must eliminate waste OUT. So, great circulation is a fundamental here if we want the brain, or any organ, to function at its best.

More Blood to the Brain So how do we get more blood to the brain? Well, this is not very difficult. The first way is simply by reversing gravity.

GRAVITY is simply the downward pressure on your body caused by the sun, moon, earth and planets. This pressure has a dramatic influence on the fluids of your body. Therefore, the hardest place for your heart to pump blood to is your brain, and this is why you have one of the biggest sets of arteries (carotid) and biggest sets of veins (jugular) to accommodate a large volume of blood flow to and from your brain. But as we age, gravity takes more of a toll on us and the flow of our bodily liquids. It can simply make it harder for you to get good circulation to all of your extremities as you age, especially your brain. This is part of the reason that, as people age, they often have problems with vision, hearing, memory and many other brain functions. So the simplest answer is to get more blood flow and circulation to your brain.

SLANTING and INVERSION. A great way to start is simply to reduce the size of your pillow that you use in bed, and also to take a few books that you won’t read again, I suggest medical books, and put them under the foot posts of your bed. Get your bedposts at the foot of your bed raised up about two inches on each side. This will slant your bed slightly so if you were to put a ball at the foot of your bed it would roll towards the head of the bed. By doing this, you will assist your body in getting more blood to your head ALL NIGHT LONG. YOGA inversion poses are awesome, like shoulder stands, SLANT BOARDS, and even BACK SWINGS and other similar devices that you strap yourself into and go into a slant or even an upside down position and even gravity boots for the most extreme inversion. Be careful, and always start slowly.

HERBALLY, you can also drive a lot more blood to your brain, and two of the greatest herbs to do this are Cayenne and Ginkgo biloba, two of the main ingredients in my Brain Tonic. My Brain Tonic will drive more blood, oxygen and whatever is in the blood like nutrition, into the brain. It DRAMATICALLY increases blood circulation to the brain. I suggest 2 droppersful four times a day, indefinitely, mixed with an ounce or two of juice.

Better Blood to the Brain

Now that we are getting a lot more blood to your brain, with inversion, slanting and my Brain Tonic, let’s make sure that your blood is rich with nutrition. After all, driving blood filled with sugar and chemicals is not going to help your brain function. We need to make sure that your blood is supercharged with nutrition and the best way to do that is to eat a food program that is loaded with organic fresh foods, and also to start taking my SuperFood Plus, either making breakfast blender drinks with the powder or taking 5 tablets three times a day. This will give your brain the nutrition it needs to function at peak performance. For maximum results, try a double dose of SuperFood Plus by taking it in the morning and afternoon.

More Waste Out of the Brain

During autopsies, I have seen the brains of people with dementia, senility, Alzheimer’s disease and numerous other brain diseases. I have also read numerous autopsy pathology reports. In both instances, there is often mucous (thick off-white and yellow viscous waste fluids) or we can simply call it gunk, glue or toxic waste. Whatever you want to call it, it is an obvious sign that either the blood getting to the brain is contaminated with junk, or the metabolic waste of the brain cells is not getting out of the brain. Yes, the brain, as it functions, makes metabolic waste that must be removed frequently. And what moves all of this waste out is great blood circulation, so back to inversion, slanting, and my Brain Tonic.


We must also make sure that the waste we are removing from the brain has a place to go and your body is able to eliminate and get rid of it. I always suggest starting with my 5-Day BOWEL Detox Program and then a month or two later, do my 5-Day LIVER Detox. This will assure you that any brain waste that is being flushed out will get out of your body ASAP!

Exercise Exercise is another awesome way to stimulate blood flow in and out of the brain, so let’s start walking an hour a day, and looking at all the ways you can increase your exercise during the day. You know, if you rest you rust, but if your lifestyle is too sedentary, you will also build-up waste in your brain. So at 81, exercise is no longer a suggestion—it is a life-extending MUST!

Finally Dottie, PLEASE don’t pay any attention to this stupid diagnosis of Early Onset Dementia. NOTHING POSITIVE will ever come from being told you have this, nor you thinking about this. It is NEGATIVE garbage, so please LET THIS GO.

INSTEAD, let’s focus on getting healthier, creating a really healthy lifestyle, and building up your body and brain for the next 81 years.

Think about all the things that you DO remember!

Now get slanting, start taking my Brain Tonic and SuperFood Plus, and get outside for some power walks, and wander into a yoga class now and then, and have FUN with all of this!

Dr. Schulze

DISCLAIMER: This BLOG's purpose is to promote the sharing of information about healthy living and dietary supplements. The views and opinions of Dr. Schulze and those of his companies and BLOG administrators are offered for your information and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured, or pregnant, consult a licensed medical professional.


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