WOW, Merlin.

Calm down, you could blow a blood vessel here!

I will respond to your letter one topic at a time.

I first of all want to advise you that you're an idiot!

Maybe so. But at age 14, because I was doing so poorly in school (I was really bored) the psychologist sent me for a number of tests, one of them was an IQ test. I scored genius level, a 145, and at 14 that is very rare. It is possible that I have lost some intelligence since then, but I don’t think I’ve slipped below 20 to idiot level.

You disgust me thinking that you can cure people with your little herbs and witchcraft crap!

You must have slept during pharmacology class 55 years ago. Or maybe you just forgot that Herbal Medicine has been a proven and effective healing method for treating disease, WORLDWIDE, for thousands of years, long before medical doctors, hospitals and drugs ever existed.

In fact, your own PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) now publishes a Physicians Desk reference for Herbal Medicine. So next year when you order your standard PDR drug book, ask for the one on Herbal Medicine, too. It lists hundreds of herbs, their pharmacology, action, indications and usage. It is not a very good herb book, as it is printed by your profession, but it’s not bad. I actually quote them in my Herbal Products Catalog. You also might check out the Merck Index, if you haven’t read it in years, the classic medical book of chemistry printed by the Merck Drug Company. It also lists hundreds of herbs and their therapeutic action. In fact, the edition from the 1800’s, is almost an herbal book.

Furthermore, you are the one with the name Merlin, not me, so who’s the magician, wizard or witch here?

Stop giving people hope that cancer and other diseases are curable because there not!

STOP giving people HOPE? Hmmm, spoken like a true medical doctor. I think I will pass on that one.

You say cancer and other diseases are NOT CURABLE. If that is what you truly believe, I suggest you take up another profession. With that negative belief, I wouldn’t want to be one of your patients!

I have been a medical doctor for 50 years and I have plenty of healthy patients that rely on me and the medical field. You need to stop saying this crap that medication we prescribe is toxic because we extract them from plants! they help people with there problems and it is as simple as that!

I respect that you have been a medical doctor for 50 years, and I am sure you have helped thousands of people. But your type of medicine is just one type of medicine, and I am not a big fan of it. It didn’t work for me, and it didn’t work for my patients, so that is why I preach an alternate way, Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine. For me, it is healthier, safer and extremely effective.

You say your chemical medicine is extracted from plants, I am laughing now. Maybe when you graduated medical school, 50 years ago, some of it was. When you started your medical practice, many drugs were in fact made from plants. But today my friend, almost all drugs are synthesized from chemicals!

You say that your medicine is NOT TOXIC? Tell that to the million or more Americans who died in the last decade, POISONED and KILLED by medically prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Again, this statistic was supplied by your AMA (American Medical Association). I guess you have not been watching the news either. There is news alerts almost every week about the dangers of chemical drugs.


Ahhh, I think I struck a nerve here, hence the ALL CAPS!

I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Medicine, Doctors, Chemical Drugs and Hospitals are still costing Americans over 2 TRILLION dollars EVERY YEAR in America. That is equal to a Million Dollars a DAY, for SIX THOUSAND YEARS, but spent EVERY YEAR!



I advised all of my patients to stay away from you because of your supposed "100% natural " crap. So why don’t you go make some rat-tail and pigs blood concoction and feed it to yourself. NOT MY PATIENTS!

So we are even, as I advised all of my patients, and now all of my customers, for the most part, to stay away from your profession, unless it’s a life threatening or traumatic emergency.

As far as your suggestion on what to feed myself, it would have to be Tofu Rat Tail and Beet Juice Pigs Blood, as I don’t consume those items.

P.S ( you need to take some anger management classes! )

Maybe so, how about I join you at one of them for a hug?

Finally… Look Merlin, I am sure you think you have helped a lot of people in your 50 years of medicine, and you probably have helped many. But from my life experience, and my clinical experience, I see the vast majority of the practice of medicine, as a practice that helps people to manage their dis-ease, if not cover it up, but not cure it.

From giving insulin for Diabetes, to painkillers for pain, to antibiotics for infection, your body is left stupid and dependent on drugs, and no real healing has taken place.

On the other hand, your accusation is correct; because I do believe that ANY and ALL disease can be cured by your own body. Why? Because I have witnessed it with myself, and with my thousands of patients—most of whom were given up on by their medical doctors!

This is why I always say that…

YOU can heal YOURSELF of ANY DISEASE, just STOP doing what makes you sick, and START doing what Creates Powerful Health, and the MIRACLE of self–healing will happen!”

I think we simply need to just agree, to disagree! This is what is so great about America. FREEDOM! We have FREEDOM of SPEECH, and FREEDOM of CHOICE. Believe me, there is room for both of us!

I have a prescription for you… The medical treatment for your problem would be to take some sedatives, and maybe some mood elevation drugs or some antidepressants and blood pressure medication.

The Natural Healing prescription is much simpler. I would simply STOP reading my BLOG, and your irritation and inflammation should be cured, INSTANTLY!

— Dr. Schulze